Starless Skies is a video game developed by Prime Studios and published by DESI.

Factions and EquipmentEdit

Western Resistance MovementEdit

The Western Resistance Movement is a group of resistance fighters from the Americas and Western Europe.


  • SG553 (Rifle)
  • L85A3 (Rifle)
  • SCAR-H CQC (Carbine)
  • AA-15 (Shotgun)
  • M255 (MMG)
  • M27 IAR (Automatic Rifle)
  • C14 Timberwolf (Sniper Rifle)
  • HK417 (DMR)
  • M9 (Sidearm)
  • P226 (Sidearm)
  • MP7 (PDW)
  • PDR (Carbine)
  • Ithica 37 Homeland Security (Shotgun)
  • M203 (Grenade Launcher)
  • AT4 (Rocket Launcher)
  • FIM-95 'Spearhead' (SAM)
  • M254 (HMG)
  • FGM-175 LRAW (AT Launcher)


  • Growler ITV (Fast-Attack Vehicle)
  • Stryker IAV (APC)
  • M11A2 Eisenhower (Tank)
  • HH-65 Chipotle (Air Transport)
  • AH-70 Hohokam (Attack Helicopter)
  • F-25 'Condor' (Fighter Jet)

Far East ResistanceEdit

The Far East Resistance, while also trying to defend against the alien invasion, is very hostile towards the Western Resistance Movement.


  • QBZ-03 (Rifle)
  • AEK-973 (Rifle)
  • FN FAL CQC (Carbine)
  • USAS-12 (Shotgun)
  • PKP Pecheneg (MMG)
  • RPK-26 (Automatic Rifle)
  • SV-98 Sniaperskaya (Sniper Rifle)
  • QBU-18 (DMR)
  • MP-443 Grach (Sidearm)
  • QSZ-16 (Sidearm)
  • IMI Uzi (PDW)
  • QBZ-97 (Carbine)
  • NOR983 (Shotgun)
  • GP-30 (Grenade Launcher)
  • RPG-32 HS (Rocket Launcher)
  • SA-25 Igla-3 (SAM)
  • PKD (HMG)
  • HJ-9 Thermobaric Missile Placement (AT Launcher)


  • UAZ-553U (Fast-Attack Vehicle)
  • BTR-10 (APC)
  • Type 111 (Tank)
  • Ka-60 Kasatka (Air Transport)
  • Ka-57 Reaper (Attack Helicopter)
  • Su-42 Flanker 'H' (Fighter Jet)

Zetan Occupation ForceEdit

The Zetan Occupation force is a division of the Zetan Military, tasked with taking over and holding planet Earth.


  • PMX-5 (Rifle)
  • PMX-9 (Rifle)
  • PMX-5D (Carbine)
  • PMS-2 (Shotgun)
  • PPF-7 (MMG)
  • PBT-11 (Automatic Rifle)
  • LHE-28 (Sniper Rifle)
  • LME-29 (DMR)
  • PCW-1 (Sidearm)
  • ECW-1 (Sidearm)
  • PDX-15 (PDW)
  • EMX-D (Carbine)
  • EMS-6 (Shotgun)
  • XTE (Grenade Launcher)
  • CSE (Rocket Launcher)
  • EPE (SAM)
  • MPC (HMG)
  • RFM-4 (AT Launcher)


  • XL3 Hovercraft (Fast Attack Vehicle)
  • XG-7 Troop Carrier (APC)
  • XT8 (Tank)
  • XC-7D (Air Transport)
  • XS-5 (VTOL Attack Aircraft)

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