Pics and stories from Cpt. Lawrence and the Bravo Company.
Black Ops Snow Assault

Cpt. Lawrence's run with CIA agents in the Ural Mts.

Black OpsEdit

Cpt. Lawrence ran a large-scale undercover op with Hudson's CIA team, they abandoned him in a snowstorm. He arrived as soon as the avalanche came. He jumped to late, and watched the base explode.
CoD Pic 01

Jake charging an arms deal.

Asian InvasionEdit

Jake raided several asain drug and arms dealings. He mainly raided
Spec Ops 01

Jake (Bottom) Running S&R.

Chinese factories and airports. He was solo and CIA nor Suicide Kings have any more info on these operations.

Suicide KingsEdit

All info is Classified except for that Jake ran several Spec. Ops missions in Afghanistan.

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