Infected is a gamemode in Call of Duty: Suicide Kings. It is a variant of zombies, and is a mixture of Zombies and MW3 Survival mode. The matches consist of 4-8 players, purchasing weapons from armories, perk bars from vending machines, and using an array of fun tools.


Tier 1 - n00bEdit

  • Training - A map for less skilled players and beginers. The weapons, perks and equipment are a large amount less than the regular maps.
  • Hollywood - A map for newer players, weapons are regular price. This is a map featuring the famed "Hollywood Sign"
  • Fort - Fort S.K. featuring Suicide Kings heli Strafe runs.
  • Streets - Riding in a Humvee around Hollywood. Defend your Humvee until it is overrun by infected, 4 person per Humvee so for 5-8 players there are two Humvees.

Tier 2 - AverageEdit

  • Dockside - LA Malibu Beach docks, torn by infected.
  • Lab - Fort S.K. secret lab.
  • Training RECHARGED - A recharged version of the training map. Harder than original.
  • Metal Slam - A Metallica themed map where the guns have sweet camos.

Tier - ProEdit

  • Der Reise - WaW Revamped Map
  • Shi No Numa - WaW Revamped Map
  • Kino Der Toten - BO Revamped Map
  • Nuketown - Hardcore Preview Map, prices are very high.


  • Eminem - Eminem Music Plays over any map.
  • Reno - The events of June 8th, 2014 with hardcore infected fights.
  • Training HARDCORE - The last map in the series. Always different.

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