There IS going to be a multiplayer in CoD Suicide Kings.


Here is a list of ranks for Call of Duty: Suicide Kings.

  1. Pivate
  2. Private First Class
  3. Lance Corpral
  4. Corpral
  5. Seargent
  6. Staff Seargent
  7. Gunnery Seargent
  8. Master Seargent
  9. First Seargent
  10. Master Gunnery Seargent
  11. Seargent Major
  12. Seargent Major of the Marine Corps
  13. Second Lieutenant
  14. First Lieutenant
  15. Captain
  16. Major
  17. Lieutenant Colonel
  18. Colonel
  19. Brigader General
  20. Major General
  21. Lieutenant General
  22. General
  23. Command Official
  24. Base Commander
  25. Commander-in-Chief

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