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Polanish Greenzon by BenjH
Sylwester Wojewodkski
Date of Birth





6' 1"


152 Pounds

Blood Type


Marital Status





Starszy Kapral (Corporal)


Kbs. wz. 1996 Beryl Assault Rifle


Operation Enduring Freedom, Second Russian Civil War, World War III


Grupa Reagowania Operacyjno-Manewrowego


Sylwester Wojewodski was born in 1990 in Warsaw, Poland. Joining the Polish Army in 2008, Sylwester took part in Polish operations in Iraq. During an insurgent ambush, Sylwester charged the insurgents' machine gun nest, and, tossing a grenade in, killed the gun crew, before finishing off the rest of the insurgents with his assault rifle. After two deployments to Iraq, he was chosen to participate in selection for GROM. Nearly dropping out on five separate occasions, he pressed on, and eventually became a full fledged GROM operator.

Deployed next to Russia, Sylwester and his unit worked against the Ultranationalists in covert operations, sabotaging vehicles, performing ambushes, and all other manners of covert operations to try to keep the Ultranationalists at bay. However, despite their efforts, the Ultranationalists were able to take control of the country, and in 2016, launched an assault on Europe.

Dropped behind Russian lines, the GROM units, including Wojewodkski, sowed chaos amongst the enemy, allowing the regular Polish units to attack and drive the Russians further eastward, almost completely out of Poland.

After the situation in Poland had been resolved, Wojewodkski and his unit were redeployed again to Germany, this time to take part in defending Berlin against the Ultranationalists.

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