Task Force 145


National Task force

Counter terrorism


Small army


Captain Jake "Drake" Dunn

Major Tim "foxhound" Albeit

General Erik Valderski

First lieutenant James "Hawk" Pearson

Royal Colors

Red, White, Green

Victory Song

Linkin Park - The Catalyst

Defeat Song


Theme Tune

Michael Giacchino - Call Of Duty and Medal Of Honor Main Theme


SAS Spetsnaz GRU Hungarian Special Forces Task force 2


John lintel Fredrick

Task Force 145 is a large counter strike or counter terrorist group founded in 1968 during the Cold War by John lintel Fredrick a retired SAS commander. The current leader is John Fredrick age 67


Linkin Park -04:42

Linkin Park -

Task Force 145

Medal of Honor Airborne - Main theme (music)03:49

Medal of Honor Airborne - Main theme (music)

Call Of Duty main theme02:29

Call Of Duty main theme

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