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Emblem Of Task Force Neptune

Task Force Neptune was formed after the attempted massacre at The Empire State Building. Its forces contain mainly American, British, Polish, Israeli and Russian operatives.


American MembersEdit

Sgt. Christopher Noble

Lt. Frank Jackson

Cpl. Michael Brody

SSgt. Simon Roach .

Pvt. Gary Foley

Cpt. Jason Brooks

Gen. Curdis Fitzgerald.

British MembersEdit

Lt. Lee Fletcher

Cpt. Adam Harper

Pvt. Michael Burnes.

Israeli MembersEdit

Sgt. Avi Stern

SSgt. Yossi Yehuda

Sgt. David Benayoun

Pvt. Omar Galil

Cpl. Raffi Cohen

Lt. Bengamin Cohen

Russian MembersEdit

Lt. Adam Barkov

SSgt. Vladimir Belinsky

Polish MembersEdit

Cpt. Aleksy Bizon.

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