Tempate:Infobox Prague
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Hair {{{Hair}}}
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Usage Edit

{{Infobox Prague
|name          = <!-- Your characters name. -->
|image         = <!-- Any related image. -->
|caption       = <!-- A caption for the image. -->
|alias         = <!-- Any nickname you decide to put in. -->
|country       = <!-- Whatever country your character is from. -->
|gender        = <!-- Whatever gender your character is. -->
|games         = <!-- Any games your character supposedly appear in. -->
|Hair          = <!-- Your character's hair color. -->
|Eyes          = <!-- Your character's eye color.-->
|Height        = <!-- Your character's supposed height.-->
|birth         = <!-- Any date you decide to put in for your character's supposed date of birth -->
|Death        = <!-- Any date you decide to put in for your characters supposed date of death. -->
|Rank         = <!-- Your character's  rank in the army. -->

|Affiliations = <!-- Whoever your character is affiliated with --> |weapon = <!-- Any weapons you decide to list your character as using. --> }}

All fields other than "name" aren't required for intended performance. Areas left blank are coded to not appear.

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