"By the end of the battle one true victor shall emerge and it will be Russia, But will this new Russia be willing to fight on the side of good or evil only time will tell"

Dimitri Sukoff after the final outpost was destroyed.

The 2nd battle of Stalingrad was the last battle in World War 3 to take place in Russia. At 7:08pm allied forces were en route to Stalingrad when the 1st Juggernaut Battalion attacked from the north and the Chinese paramilitary attacked from the south. The Russian militias were unprepared for the battle and the battle ended within hours. The Russian militia were able to acquire a Mil-24 Hind and used it to their advantage during the battle. The battle began at 7:36pm when a Russian sniper had spotted 3 tanks bearing the red star approaching the town. At the moment allied forces were on their way from the city of St. Petersburg after the ambush that had destroyed most of the city. The Russian militia armed with RPKs and surplus Mosin Nagants the militia groups defended the town for 4 hours and 23 minutes before a group of juggernauts attacked from the north detouring a group of Navy SEALS and 4 M1 Abrahms tanks. The battle had twice the casualties than the first battle of Stalingrad. At the end of the battle the NRF took control of Stalingrad and then Moscow fell soon after without a fight.

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