The Aftershock
The aftershock logo
The Aftershock logo



Years Active

2004-still active

Group Origin

Middle East

The Aftershock is an antagonist group of Operation Syndicate. Not much of their history is dated in the U.N. records, although their general history is told right here (umad United Nations?!). Some of it will be revealed as the fanfiction goes along.


The Aftershock was a minor group that was originally created in 2004 as an elite group that was to be sent out to steal enemy plans and spy on others. Their original name was "The Reapers," but it would later be changed for practical reasons.

In 2009, the leadership of The Aftershock changed to a young, ruthless leader, who believed that the group needed a new way to work for their government, but also pose as a major threat, not "a special ops group that seemed like wusses." Most of the group agreed with him, and those who didn't were secretly killed.

Because of their revolutionization in 2009, they achieved ties with the Russian Ultranationalists in 2010 and they worked together, planning world domination.

The Aftershock would work for the Pacific and US while the Ultranationalists finished their ultimate plans in order to assist their conquering of the Europe.

Their current leader is unknown, but is known to have extremely close relations and ties to Imran Zakhaev, the Ultranationalist leader and one of the four horsemen.

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