The NATO Counter Terrorism, Intelligence, and Black Operations group are a NATO black ops group that enlists soldiers, and intelligence agents from many of the worlds countries. The group has 200 members in the intelligence department and employs multiple of the worlds top counter terrorist units to be sent into highly classified missions with only the say of one the said group representatives.


The Black Order is affiliated with multiple countries. While being allies the group does not employ any units from said countries the Black Order does have operatives stationed there in case of an attack or other emergencies.















Main BasesEdit

The Black Order has 4 main bases including its headquarters, where many of its operatives are stationed.

Gemini Arctic Warfare Center-The Black Orders headquarters located in the Ural Mountain Range.

Andrews Airforce Base-Western Command Center located in Maryland.

Kadena Airbase-Location of much of The Black Orders air forces,

The Black Sea Fleet-14 Black Order naval ships are stationed there.

Main WeaponsEdit

Infantry RiflesEdit

SIG 551LB-Main Infantry Rifle.

AKMSU-Close Quarters Rifle.

SCAR-H-Optional Replacement for the SIG 551LB.

SA-58-Optional Replacement for the SIG 51LB.

Type 56-Used by operatives stationed at Kadena Airbase.

HK416-Used by operatives stationed at the Gemini Arctic Warfare Center.

G36E/KV-Used mainly by operatives belonging to German and British regiments.

Designated Marksman RiflesEdit

SIG 550-Special Operations Rifle.

HK417-Main DMR.

Barret REC-7-Optional Replacement for the HK417.

Sniper RiflesEdit

Barett MRAD-Special Operations Rifle

PSG-1-Main Sniper Rifle

L115A3-Optional replacement for the PSG-1

M1A1 Supermatch .308-Used by Snipers comfortable with the M14 Supermatch.

Submachine GunsEdit

FN-P90-Main PDW

VZ. 61 Skorpion-Used by Tank Personel.

PP-19 Bizon-Used by operatives stationed at Kadena Airbase.

PPSh-41-Used Rarely by officers.

Kriss Super V Vector-Used by operatives stationed at the Gemini Arctic Warfare Center.

Squad Automatic WeaponsEdit

MG3-Main SAW

MG42-Used only by more experienced operatives.

M240B-Used by operatives stationed at Andrews Airforce Base.

RPK-74-Used by naval officers in the Black Sea Fleet.


M1897 Trench Gun w/Bayonet-Standard Infantry Shotgun.

Remington 870-More modern replacement for the M1897.


M1911A1-Standard Infantry Sidearm.

Beretta 93RLess Common Infantry Sidearm.

Walther PPK-Concealed Carry Weapon.

Beretta PX4-Alternative to the Walther PPK.

AMT Automag-Optional Pistol for officers.

Beretta M96R Custom-Optional Pistol for officers.


S&W M29.

Pfeifer Zeliska .600 Nitro Express revolver-Only one, used only against heavy armored vehicles at the Gemini Arctic Warfare Center.

Special WeaponsEdit

Barret M99-Main Anti Tank Rifle.

Panzerfaust-3-Standard anti air.

M134 Minigun-Anti infantry weapon.

MG51-Standard Mounted Machine Gun.

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