The Delaware


Call of Duty: The Western Conflict


John Parker

Starting Weapons

M4A1 w/ Red Dot Sight, M9 Beretta

Enemy Weapons

AN-94, AK-74m, PKP Pecheneg, RPG-7, MP-443 Grach

Multiplayer Map

Philadelphia, Suburban Station


  • Clear The Road With The Tanks MG
  • Get Off The Road
  • Destroy The Havoc
  • Destroy The SAMs
  • Get Into The Train Station
The Delaware is the second campaign mission of Call of Duty: The Western Conflict. It takes the player ino the invasion of Philadelphia across the Deleware River.

Loading CutsceneEdit

Overlord Whats the Situation on Philadelphia?

General Brown Russians just pushed us out, all forces fell back to Camden and Trenton

Overlord Prepare a counterattack, we cannot let them keep it, Phillys too important

General Brown Most units in the area are combat ineffective, we've got a few that can still fight

Overlord Gather them up for an invasion

General Brown Roger, I have the 52nd Recon Division on standby, they're waiting for your go


The level begins with the player inside of an AMTRAK crossing the Delaware River into Philadelphia from Camden. The Amtrak makes its way out of the river and onto the land with many other vehicles being destroyed by RPGs on the way. The players vehicle makes its way toward City Hall where a large SAM battery is located, the player gets on the tanks MG and must clear out the street before the vehicle is hit and destroyed as well. The player and the rest of their squad escape and fight their way to an underground train station. The level ends.


Starting WeaponsEdit

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