The New Life Project (or Новый проект Жизнь) was a Soviet project designed to create and weaponize

Scientists working in the New Life Project.



Started in 1957 by the famous Soviet scientist Anastas Nikitin, the project's orginial purpose was for the development of Biological Weapons. Then in 1958, Anastas discovered through new technologies aquired from the Die Riese facility in Germany. The Soviet government was pleased with quick ability to understand the mechanics of reanimation, and decided to build four extra labs to further Anastas research into the mysterious Group 935's reanimation experiments.

Over 5,000 people were working in the project by the end of 1960; all working on the reanimation projects. The major problem with of the zombies was that the reanimated subjects were highly dangerous, as was discovered from Group 935 files, as they were hard or near to impossible to control. But the soviet government was not worried with the large problems, and continued on with the experiments in the New Life Project's labs.


In 1965, a small group of Zombie test subjects in Lab #005 in Siberia were released out of their cells under mysterious circumstances. The Red Army, fearing the discovery of the Soviet's Zombie project by the Americans, sent a detachment of soldiers into the vincinity of Lab #005 to clean up any evidence of the New Life Project's work. Unfortunately, like the incidents in Germany and in the Pacific, the situtation quickly grew out of hand; and the zombie infection began to spread throughout a small portion of Siberia.

Eventually, the Soviet government was forced to use the Atomic Bomb on #005, but the infection had already begun to spread throughout more regions of Siberia (particulary Sakha and Krasnoyarsk). The United States would catch wind of the events of Russia after atmospheric sensors located large traces of radiation in the atmosphere. The United States Department of Defense, fearing that the Soviet's were testing out a new Atomic weapon, decided to send in a team of specially trained soldiers and operatives (from the Army, Marines, and CIA) to investigate.

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