The Pit


Call of Duty: The Western Conflict


SCAR-H, M1911, R700, M1014, SMAW, MP5


John Zauflik

The Pit is the first level of Call of Duty: The Western Conflict. It serves as a training level to get the player used to the controls

Level WalkthroughEdit

The level begins with the player in an indoor firing range. Nearby is their commanding officer. He will give the player instructions on how to use the weapon controls. First he tells them to pick up a SCAR-H that is lying on the table in front of them. The player must shoot all targets that appear in front of them on the range before advancing to the next weapon. Next he will have the player pick up the R700 that is nearby and then they must shoot the other targets that pop up. After that he has them swap out their weapons for an MP5 and an M1014. The player must then clear out a course filled with targets and report back to their CO. Afterwards he takes them to a long stretch of empty land where a car sits on the open field. The player must equip a SMAW and destroy the car to finish the level.

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