• NOTE: This is just me having fun and being bored as fuck, so if you want the story to be even more retarded, then comment below! :D*

Well this story is gonna be about psychopaths and imbeciles with weapons killing each other. I'll be telling the story of one "psycho" named Jonathan "Slasher" Levler, a ruthless warrior from San Francisco, California. He was accused of being crazy and was sent to a mental hospital because he saw images in his mind that accurately predicted the end of the world, which was true. When the fucking Apocalyspe happened, he escaped from the shitty hospital, and ranned for his life like a little bitch. Then he found a large machete at a abandoned apartment, while he was searching for food. Little did the idiot know that the prisons in the city were over-runned by inmates and there were psychopathic killers everywhere. So this is the story about his experiences during the apocalyspe and where the idiot is headed when he escapes San Francisco. ENJOY!

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