The Red Rain is a videogame that focuses on the 48th Covert Ops and Recon Brigade and its missions. It is set primarily in World War IV.



  • Lieutenant Col. Steve Murdoch: The leader of Task Force 11 within the 48th.
  • Captain Virgil Gilbert Abrahamson: Captain of the USS Martin Van Buren.
  • First Sergeant Devon Tyson: Second in Command of Task Force 11 team Emerald 0-2.
  • Sergeant Daniel Sauveterre: Marksman of team Emerald, callsign Emerald 0-3
  • Sergeant Marcus Bernard Thorpe: Support gunner of team Emerald, callsign Emerald 0-4.
  • Sergeant Jarek Sokolski: Medic of team Emerald, callsign Emerald 0-5.
  • Gunnery Sergeant Boris Zdravkov: Explosives expert of team Emerald, callsign Emerald 0-6.


  • Lieutenant Franz Konrad Achteberg: Protagonist, leader of team Emerald, known as Emerald 0-1.
  • Squadron Commander Alexa Danell: F-18E pilot on board USS Martin Van Buren.


  • Major Zhen: Main antagonist of the story, PLA officer.
  • Maxim Khrystynov: Belarusian terrorist and weapon supplier, member of the Neo-Soviets.
  • Abu Khamenei: Iranian armed forces operative.
  • Agent Holden: Spy within the CIA, holds important information of Zhen's plans.


2017, the worst part of the war has happened, now the Allied Coalition has turned the tables and attacks. Meanwhile, a Chinese military officer focuses on a project that will severely impact the Allies' advance to victory, all with the help of other military leaders and weapon suppliers.


The Multiplayer feature includes Survival Mode, Co-Op Mode and Team Matches.


(Split Screen/Online) Survival consists of a Wave Defense mode where the player must survive the most waves possible, it is set in different levels based on the campaign. Players have access to an armory where they can buy weapons, ammunition and other equipment, all weapons from the game are available here.

Co-Op Mode

(Split Screen/Online) Co-Op mode is played by two or more players online or split screen, up to four can play the on Split Screen and up to six can play Online, Co-Op features the Singleplayer levels and an extra six mission exclusive for Co-Op.


Assault Rifle

  • AK-47
  • FAMAS G2
  • Valmet M82
  • FN FNC
  • G36E
  • Khaybar KH2002
  • TAR-21
  • AN94 Abakan
  • FAL Para
  • XM8

Sniper Rifles

  • Dragunov
  • Zbroyar Z-008
  • Sako TRG
  • Type 88
  • DSR 50
  • Mk.14 EBR
  • R700PSS
  • CheyTac M200

Machine Guns

  • RPK
  • QBB
  • PKM
  • M249 Para
  • MG3

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