"Famine death counquest and slaughter the demons are rising take shelter"Description for the apocaclypse

The sixEdit

The six are a group of bosses realeased in the apocalypse now DLC. they are on four maps Famine,Death,Counquest,Apocalypse. Famine(found in famine)

He is a large zombie wearing robes that are ragged and torn. When he comes he will steal your gun grenade ammo and special grenade ammo. If he is met again he will take your guns ammo.

Death(found in death)

Death is a zombie wearing a dark robe with a hammer in his left hand and a sickle in his right.(he will instantly kill you if you dont have juggernog)

Counquest(found in conquest)

Counquest is a large zombie who resembles a general . The only thing special about him is that he is accompanied by an army of zombies.

Slaughter(found in slaughter)

Queen of apocalypse

King of apocalypse

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