The FanFiction part of The Taste of Revenge by Fist2Face. Chapters will only focus on one main character, so there is no switching in mid-chapter, unless if there is something like a flashback. Also, there may be chapters that only focus on adding to the backstory and will not pertain to the present.

Chapter 1Edit

(Echo Base, Los Angeles, California)

The sky today was cloudless and bright blue. I figured it would be a good day, due to the perfect California temperature and no danger anywhere. My regiment was moved from Oscar Base in Phoenix to Echo Base here in Los Angeles, probably because of the recent attacks in Honolulu and San Francisco.

Anytime now, we'd be called into action. Anytime now, they'd be walking down the street, destroying everything in sight. Anytime now, someone's life would be in critical danger...

"Madison!" Somone yelled, tearing me from my thoughts.

I jumped up and turned around to see Captain Potter standing a few feet behind me. His hands were behind his back and he was standing in a stable form, as if he was prepared to embrace nature.

"Yes, captain?" I asked him.

"Colonel Sheridan would like to see you now." He said in a abrupt voice, not changing his stance or expression.

I nodded slowly and started walking towards the colonel's tent, with Potter following closely behind me. I started wondering what the colonel wanted to do with me. My squad had done nothing wrong lately, and I was always in the colonel's good graces.

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