the evict




operation heaven


SGT first class Funco


JSOC team


islamist terrorist,RTA( in the hotel dhabi )


northern district of abu dhabi


jan 3 2039


if you in the streets kill all the terrorist in the slums and secure theres two or more technicals then if your in the streets kill all the terrorist members and defend and destroy a t90 tank then you meet up the police and saudi arabian army with their tanks to rescue the US president in hotel dhabi then you assault the RTA members the floor is collasped to the tanks and walk in and kill all the members and secure the US president then evacuate and the mission is done 


SGT first class Funco

SGT Elle 

SGT mike ( KIA ) 

missions Edit

.clear the slums of abu dhabi

.defend the the police barricade 

.meet up the police 

.clear the parking lot 

.secure the hallway 

.secure the US president 


weapons that used Edit

player used 

friendly used 

enemy used 

trivia Edit

.if look up of some billboard ad its says " buy upotte for only 70%  "  which means upotte has cameo 

.the streets in the slums is filled with dead bodies 

.the jet is flying is an f33 raptor 

.the islamist terrorist has symbol of OPFOR from COD 4 

.some of the dead bodies are wearing uniform from upotte but with bulletproof vest 

.the group of securities is call "UWS" ( upotte worldwide security ) 

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