Sergeant Thomas Jenkins is the leader of Epsilon Squadron in the FanFic Death, One Step Closer.


Early LifeEdit

Thomas Jenkins was born in Montgomery, Alabama in a rather small family, being the only child. This didn't last too long, being Alabama. Sure enough, he had a littles sister a few months later and a daughter with his sister only 14 years after that. By then, he had many other brothers and sisters and the familie's size grew exponentally. Because of this, he got mostly everything he wanted, and because his father was a wealthy man, his things were of value. He went to school until he was 15, where he dropped out and ran from home, juggling various jobs just to get by trying to feed his various relations he fathered. Eventually, he was apprehended by the police, and his choice was to either join the U.S. Army or be jailed for a long time. Of course, Jenkins took the Army option.

In the U.S. ArmyEdit

Jenkins was enrolled in the U.S. Army at around the age of 20, and was well trained in the art of the soldier. He was taught how to handle a rifle, basic hand-to-hand combat, and survival skills. Better than most in his regiment, he was chosen to be one of the regiment's leaders, which is how he became a sergeant, minus how well he did in post-WWII.

Epsilon SquadronEdit

After hearing about the formation of the NATO squadrons, he signed up to join Epsilon Squadron, thinking it had a cool name to it. He made it in easily, as he was one of the first to sign up and was well known among soldiers. When more men had decided to join, he met his other comrades, where they would become close brothers and fight along side one another, depending on each other faithfully. He accidentally impreggnated several of his brothers. How he managed this feat is a mystery to this day.

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