tokyo run
Tokyo lights
outskirts of tokyo


john menendez

starting weapons

sten colt 1911


socialist party members tokyo police


may 8 1960 ( pre ) june 29 1960


mission walk troughEdit

it starts when your in hotel you and your partner are going to place but the JSP 

you step outside kill all JSP and go to the backyard of building and kill all of them

the reinforcement are coming with their cars kill all and follow your partner

you ride the car and drove off the JSP reinforcements  

in june 29 1960 your in the tokyo hotel trying to assasinate the JSP leader but you missed the shot tokyo police attacking to you escape the hotel and your mission is finished

your weaponsEdit

  • sten
  • colt 1911

weapons found in levelEdit

  • m1 garand
  • mp40
  • thompson
  • ak47

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