Tord Scully


19 March 1950


CAR-15, M1911A1, AKM W/ Bayonet


Rifleman, Team Leader


TF145,MACV-SOG,KMZ,1st-SFOD,Norwegian Special Forces, Marine Force Recon, USN SEALs

"He and Nikitin are the best soldiers I ever met, I rather not have anyone else guarding my back." Dunn

Tord is a Hungarian soldier who joined the KMZ in 1963 and met a Russian soldier named Nikitin. He performed outstanding actions and was transferred to the Studies And Observations Group and met Dunn from TF145 and after a near fatal shootout in Laos, Dunn was awarded the Congressional Medal Of Honor and recommended Tord and Nikitin to TF145

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