Trackers are the result of operation stealth an operation to create super soldiers failed. Trackers are usually people suited in full body suits and are super stealthy they are deadly enemies and should not be taken lightly. They take orders from commanders and only commanders


  • Chris heartford(Alive)
  • Sarah longsword(Alive)
  • George hasterd(killed after attacking james pearson)
  • Rihana lockfield(Killed by a sniper team)
  • Dimitri kaslov(Killed by a grim reaper rocket)
  • Commander Tim sherlock(Killed from a .50 cal shot to the head from sherry pearson)
  • Alex fortess(Killed by a group of civilians)
  • Bob rixtess(Killed by chris jertress)
  • Fox artoss(alive)
  • Designate 0-198-764-524(alive)

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