Training is the first level of Call of Duty: The Big Third. The player is taught the controls in the leve



Call of Duty: The Big Third


West Berlin, Germany


December 2, 1946


John McCord

l and is able to use a few weapons

Mission ObjectivesEdit

  1. Pick up an M1 Garand,
  2. Shoot Five Targets
  3. Shoot Five Targets through cover
  4. Go to the training course
  5. Run the Course
  6. Pick up an M1911
  7. Board the Truck

Level TranscriptEdit

Blank Loading Screen

Gameplay Begins

Sgt. York: Alright McCord, its time to get you trained, head over there and pick up that M1.

McCord Picks up the M1

Sgt. York: Good, now aim the rifle down range and aim down your sights.

Player does as told

Sgt. York: Alright, now fire at five targets

Player shoots all five targets

Sgt. York: Now move over and do it again, only this time shoot through that sheet of plywood, bullets will penetrate thin materials.

The Player hits all Five targets

Sgt. York: Good, now head over to the training course,

The Player makes it to the course

Sgt Ryan: Everyone run the course, GO, GO, GO!

After the player runs the course

Sgt. Ryan: Everyone head over and get a sidearm.

After the Player picks up a sidearm

Sgt. York: Everyone! get to the trucks! were movin out!

The Player Enters the truck

Level Ends

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