Petty Officer First Class Travis Blackburn, callsign "Felix", is a US Navy Seal. He is in military service since 2010

Travis "Felix" Blackburn
Felix 3
Felix' dossier picture


Travis Blackburn




US Navy Seals (Transferred in 2019) Seal Team Six




10 october 1993, 10/10/93 (Age 26)

Place of Birth

San Diego, California, USA




Petty Officer First Class




M4A1, G36C, Five seveN, P90


Travis Blackburn was born in San Diego, California on the 10th of October 1993. He lived there until he joined the army in 2010. He was a smart and athletic boy and he used to play foorball. He wanted to study sports management, but he decided to join the army, because he was interrested in the news about the situations at Afghanistan. On 21th of November he was send to Afghanistan. He developed his tactical mind and he discovered that he was very good in shooting with a rifle.

Service in Afghanistan and furloughEdit

He became a designated marksman, but he had some mental problems and was homesick. In 2015, he obtained permission for a break in the USA. He returned to San Diego, but the worst imaginable happenned. Travis was walkingg trough the streets when a psychopatic man opens fire at random citizens. Travis tried to takedown the shooter so people could escape.  When most people were running away and Travis defeated the shooter, a second shooter opens fire. Travis was shot thrice in the chest as he fainted. He woke up in the hospital. The doctor said he was very lucky to live. Restored of his injuries, he went back to Afghanistan a few days later. His fellow soldiers knew that he was shot back in the USA. Then he received his callsign: Felix. Felix means 'the lucky one' in latin. in 2019, he was send on a mission to save a HVI in Kunduz. The mission was presumed as failed but Felix managed to accomplish it on his own. For this he received the medal of honor on the 10th of Januari, 2019.

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