UBZ 4x4


Russian Global Occupation Force


Utility 4x4 Vehicle


Mounted PKD Machine Gun (Only available on napadenie [Assault] variants)



Appears in

The Liberators

The UAZ-553U, better known as the UBZ, is a utility 4x4 Vehicle used by the Russian Global Occupation Force. The UBZ has multiple variants, such as the original with a hard top, the Kabriolet (Convertible) version with a soft cover that can be folded back, and the Napadenie variant with no cover, but a mounted PKD machine gun on the back, and the Puleneprobivaemyĭ (Bulletproof) version, which features bulletproof windows with firing ports in them, as well as having a strengthened cover. The UBZ can go up to 150 mph, though it's usual speed is anywhere from 10-50 mph. The UBZ is very reliable, and is a great asset to any military force, though only the RGOF uses it, due to it being the only military force in the world.

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