it all started




CIA tom ( early )

SGTFC funco


vietcong ( early )

JSOC team


vietnam armed forces ( early )



unknown city in north vietnam


feb 1 2039

walktrough Edit

CIA tom Edit

the mission is started when VAF attck the compound  defend it and plant the bomb in the gate escape with the vietcong secure the market place destroy the VAF tank run to the building and secure the backyard and destroy the another tank go to the building secure the evidence and you killed an vietcong member throw to the river and go the armory get the rocket launcher destroy the helicopter find to become hostage in the plaza then you SGT elle kill or kill the member will choose your answer

SGTFC funco Edit

you started when in your helicopter destroy the AA gun ( if SGT elle alive she will taken tom to the helicopter but if she alive she was injured and SGT sig will be temporary partner ) secure the construction site get the rocket launcher from dead vietcong member destroy the vietcong helicopter and rappel down the building then you find john erich chase him and your mission is finished 


SGTFC funco 

CIA tom ( alive/KIA ) player determined 

SGT elle (WIA/KIA) player determined 



CIA tomEdit

.defend and plant the bomb

.secure marketplace and destroy the tanks 

.get the evidence

.kill elle or the member 

SGTFC funco Edit

.secure the construction site 

.destroy vietcong helicopter

.chase john erich 


player ( CIA tom )

player ( SGTFC funco )

friendly ( CIA tom ) 

friendly ( SGTFC funco ) 

enemy ( CIA tom ) 

enemy ( SGTFC funco ) 

trivia Edit

.the second cod game with two playable in missions ( next is BO2 ) 

.the vietcong has symbol of RTA 

.the vietcong clothing is different than vientnam war they wearing RTA clothing but with scarf 

.the girlz und panzer ad are scattered in the city but in burned 

.the vietcong models are some men but some are red high steel faction models but with armor and scarf 

.some USMC models are model of CAPT SAKO but it wears a helmet 

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