Full Name

Nikola Pavel Petrović

Place of Birth


Ethnic Background



Zdenka (Wife) Andela (Daughter) Ivan (Son)


Vodnik (Sergeant

Weapon of choice


Background Edit

Nikola was born into a poor family near Belgrade. His father worked as a farmhand. A sister was born two years before him and a brother born the same year as him. His older brother died at the age of 10 of pneumonia. Nikola never knew his father who was sent out to battle months after his birth. His father died in the Monastir Offensive in 1916. Nikola was one of the few people in his family to finish an education and became a Police Constable in 1933. He was the rank of sergeant before the occupation of Serbia.

Joining the Partizans Edit

When Nikola joined many officers were weary of letting someone who had served the King and had only recently joined up. His loyalty was put to the test. Nikola was placed under weapons training.

Relationship with other Partizans Edit

Nikola is generally friendly with most people in the unit both partizans and civilians. He's seen by Raphael as sort of a father-like figure at times.

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