Warfare 2012 is a game by Collector Software being make with Blender. It's multiplayer only.

Weapons and Equipment Edit

US Forces Edit

Standered Issue (All reday unlocked) Edit

  • M4 (Three-round burst and Simi-Auto)
  • MP5N (Full Auto and Simi-Auto)
  • M249 Para (Full Auto)
  • M870 (Pump Action)
  • M24 (Bolt Action)
  • M9 (Simi-Auto)
  • FIM-92 Stinger (Lock-on only)

Armies of Iraq and IranEdit

Standered Issue (All reday unlocked)Edit

  • KH2002 (Three-round burst and Simi-Auto)
  • MPT-9 (Full Auto and Simi-Auto)
  • PC-9 ZOAF (Simi-Auto)
  • PKM-T80 (Full Auto)
  • Steyr HS.460 (Bolt Action)
  • RPG-7 (Single-Fire)

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