It is the year 2019, soldiers are fighting for their life. We will remember the people who were winning, the men we honored. We will never know what happened with the men who lost, who were forgotten. That time is over, the world will know what happened with those men. They were bringing an end to the fight, like every warfighter did.

- Official Reveal line

Warfighters: Display of Courage is set in 2019. The story focuses not on a massive war, but it will focus on different operations. During the story, the emotions change from pride and joy to grief and anger. The soldiers are very attached to each other and they will do everything for each other. But then they discover that all operations are connected somehow.



Revealed Characters:

Derek "Deadly" McKnight

Jared "Ace" Bowie

Jason "Bandit" Sparks

Paul "Spartan" Campbell

Travis "Felix" Blackburn

Chapter 1 - What's past is prologueEdit

FOB Kandahar, Afghanistan                                                                                                                          11:30 , 21 Februari 2019

"His dossier is almost blank", says a voice.

"I don't care, I want everything he knows." says another voice. A man is sitting in a dark room. He is checking his phone. A text message says: Okay, don't get in trouble. He turns off his phone. He leans over and strokes his hair. 

"Come in", says the voice to the man. The man got up and walked into the room.

"Who are you guys?", He asks, "CIA?" Two man are standing in front of him. One man is bald and muscular, the other has grey hair and is thin. 

"Sit down, mister McKnight", says the bald one, "My name is agent Reid and this is agent Morgan. So what is your name?" 

"Wait what?", McKnight is confused, "You just said..."

"Age?" Morgan replied fast.

"Hey, is this a trial or something?" says McKnight.

"Before you answer we are send to check your background, because it looks like shit." says Morgan. Before McKnight could answer, his dossier is thrown to him. 

"Your callsign is Deadly. Why is it Deadly?" says Reid.

"I don't know." says Deadly unimpressed.

"Look buddy, we can make this easier if you just answer the questions." Morgan respond angry. Deadly looks him in the face. A short silence brings up some tension into the room.

"You killed some guys during your first service in Afghanistan. According to your dossier it were 65 confirmed kills." says Reid.

"I swear to god I killed over the 80, but that doesn't matter for you CIA guys." says Deadly.

"All right then, next question." says Reid. Reid starts writing on a piece of paper and Morgan comes closer to the table.

"I don't like playing stupid games, so i won't turn around it.", Morgan sounds irritated, "When were you recruited for Seal Team Six?" Deadly is still not amused of the two man.

"Easy, the 29th of March 2011." says Deadly. Reid is still writing on a paper. Silence fills the room. Deadly is looking around. Morgan turns around and back.

"1 month before your big day, isn't it?" Morgan sounds less angry

"My big... Oh yeah." whispers Deadly. His face changed. "They gave me a last minute training.", Deadly looks to the table, "I didn't know anything about the mission." Reid stopped writing.

"So you didn't know who the target was." Deadly looks Reid in the face. His eyes turn hazy. Reid looked Deadly urgently.

"DEVGRU was keeping an eye on someone, I didn't know who."

"Go on." says Reid.

"On the 30th of april, Ace told me that DEVGRU was planning a mission. The preparation was good, the training was extreme. It looked like this was going to be the most important mission in the history of the SEALs." Deadly took the piece of paper where Reid stopped writing on and began to draw a sketch of an operation. "This was the plan, this was how we would kill him." Deadly stopped drawing, he had drawn a kind of house. Crosses and some lines in and around the house.

"Your friend Ace was also there, isn't it." says Reid.

"Yes... he was" says Deadly.

"Now is the question, McKnight..." Morgan starts to talk slow. Deadly is looking to the other side of the room. He looks like he is ignoring the question. Morgan is looking straight to Deadly, who isn't looking back to him. He stares to the sketch, just the sketch. "Did... you... kill him?"

Chapter 2 - No easy dayEdit

Abottabad, Pakistan                                                                                                                                         00:27 , 2 May 2011

"The first one who told me about the target was Ace, he said that we could kill that bastard finally after all the things he had done." says Deadly

"So, how did it going, McKnight." says Morgan

"Let him start from the beginning." Reid tris to let Morgan calm down, but his eyes focus on Deadly. Deadly thinks back to the day of the operation.

"McKnight! wake up." Ace was standing next to Deadly. They are inside a Black Hawk. Deadly looked outside the window. 4 other Black Hawks are also in the air. "Go check Caïro." 

Deadly checked Caïro, the dog wich would support the SEALs during the raid. "Good boy." says Deadly. "He is ready  to go."

"This is president Obama, where are you?" Obama asked via the radio to the squad leader.

"We are almost at the compound, mister President." says the Squad leader.

"Remember gentleman, the order is kill or capture. Operation Neptune Spear is a go. Obama out."

"E.T.A. 2 minutes, standy." says the pilot. Ace is checking his gear and Deadly cocks his HK416. 

"This is it." Ace whispers. Deadly hears it, he thinks the same. They are waiting until the Black Hawk will land at the compound. 

Jackson, take Caïro." Ace shouted. "Make no mistakes, men. Finally is that bastard going to suffer after all the things he had done." Ace lookes confident. The others are nervous. "Remember, for the people, for the country and for the freedom of the world. The only easy day was yesterday."

"Yes... No easy day." Dealy whispers it. 1 month ago, he was like the other people in the army, no special soldier or something like that. Now is he at the compound of the world most wanted criminal.

"It's go time." says Jackson. The doors opened and the team went out. It was dark so everybody put on his nightvision goggles. The other Black Hawks landed aswell.

'Team 2, ready to breach." says Ace via the radio.

"Your clear to engage." responds the squad leader. Team 2 is getting ready to breach the door. Ace places C4 on the door and Evans is getting ready to engage.

"Breaching!" Ace shouts. The doors shattered by the explosion and Evans went in, followed by Deadly. At the first look it looked clear but a man opens fire at the team.

"Contact, up ahead!" shouts a Seal. Deadly opens fire at the man who is shooting around the corner with his AK-47. A Seal throws a flashbang and Ace flanked the man. A other team checked if he is dead and identify the guy.

"Move up!" says the squad leader. The team splitted up. Deadly went up the stairs with Jackson and Evans. From the other side of the house they heared gunfire.

"What the hell is going on?" Evans tried to contact with the other team. No respond. Deadly looked out the window. He sees the last Black Hawk going down. 

"Eagle-5, everything good, Eagle-5 come in." Deadly sounds worried. maybe the Pakistani troops started firing upon the SEALs. That means they don't have much time left. The Black Hawk crashed softly.

"This is Eagle-5, we are all good." Deadly was glad that it weren't the Pakistani forces but suddenly a man opens fire at the team. The get cover behind a wall. Jackson took out his mirror and tries to see the man.

"There, around the corner. wait for my mark." Jackson waits a second as Evans and Deadly are standing ready. "Now go." Evans fire first at the man. The man takes cover and Deadly runs to the man and shoots him fatal.

"One E.K.I.A." Deadly looks at the body. He kicks the head a little bit. He sees the gunshot in the head of the man. He killed so many people but this makes him sick. "All right then, move up." He looks another second to the body.

"Squad leader, this is Evans. Requesting to engage on target." Evans was walking to the door as a women starts screaming. Jackson shoots her quickly. She falls to the ground, dead. "Damn, that was close."

"Evans, you are clear to engage.' Responds the squad leader. Deadly is getting ready to breach. Jackson winks him to get close to the door. Deadly knows what that means, he has to kill him. He feels his hearth beating in his throat. He feels like he can faint anytime. The world was moving under his feets. He heard Evans counting from 1 to 3, this was the moment. Now, he would confront Osama Bin Laden! The door exploded and Deadly went in.

"Show me your hands!" Deadly shouted. "Show me fucking your hands!" Bin laden ignored Deadly and tries to reach a AK-47. Deadly feels the adrenaline in his body. He only focuses at Bin Laden. "Get down, now!" Deadly sees that Bin Laden doesn't listen to him. He has no doupt. He shoots his HK416 to Bin Laden. He sees that he hits Bin Laden in the chest and then in the head. Bin Laden falls to the ground and Deadly realizes wath he just did.

"Command... Command, Geronimo E.K.I.A. I repead Geronimo E.K.I.A." Ace walks in. Deadly doesn't figure that. Instead, he figures nothing. he just stares at the body.

"Holy shit!" Ace walks right to Deadly. "Hey buddy, you did the right thing. That bastard lived for a to long time. This is what he deserves." Deadly looks at Ace. 

"Fuck off..." Deadly isn't pleased with that. A few minutes later is he at the Black HAwk. He sees the body pack of Bin Laden. Ace walks right to him.

"Hey man..." Ace doesn't talk any further, but his face says more than a thousand words. Now Deadly gets it. He is glad that it is over. He looks at the helicopter with the body of Bin Laden.

"It is over..." whispers Deadly.

"So that's the whole story, I think." says Reid. mcKnight finished his story.

"Yes sir." Deadly is looking to Reid as more confident then before. Morgan leaves the room. Reid is watching to it and laughs.

"Than our conversation is over." Reid gets up. He reaches a hand to Deadly. "Welcome back in duty, mister McKnight." and they shake hands

Chapter 3 - Back to square oneEdit

FOB Kandahar, Afghanistan                                                                                                                             12:45, 21 Februari 2019

Deadly is sitting in the Humvee, watching to the other Navy SEALs. They are playing basketball and chat with the others. He is driven back from his interrogation with the CIA. He feels tired, even though it is almost 1 o'clock. The Humvee stops suddenly. Deadly is surprised.

"Why are we stopping?" Deadly aks a bit annoyed. before the driver could answer, a Black Hawk appears. A team is back from the field. Deadly steps out the car. He sees a few man stepping out the Black Hawk. 

"Yo Deadly, long time no see." says one guy. Deadly recognizes the guy. "Where the hell have you been." The guy steps out. He walks toward Deadly and gives him a pat.

"I could ask you the same question Bandit." says Deadly, Bandit laughs. "Where were you?" Bandit assigns a table. They sit down. Bandit grabs something out his pocket. He shows it to Deadly. It is a mobile phone.

"A demolition team was taking heavy fire from the Taliban." Bandit starts his sentence slow. "Whe were assigned to cover their back. But then a psycho runs through everything with this phone." Bandit he shows the phone again. "He tried to detonate the bomb with this." Bandit shows a cynical smile.

"It's getting worser every fucking day." Deadly grabs the phone. "Tomorrow, they will use airplanes to kill people. If not, then the day after that." Deadly slides the phone back to Bandit. Bandit grabs the phone and throws it a few feet further.

"So, you're good to go back to the field again." asks Bandit. "I hope so, we need fresh man on board. Who really want to go to the limit." Bandit laughs again. "I was with a bunch of idiots today. Everybody shitted their pants."

"I have been approved." Deadly responds. "I'll see when I step into the Black Hawk with my gear on." They both laugh. "Don't worry, I'll shoot the first dumbass right in his fucking head."

"Well that is a good intention, i'm glad to see you guys." A man walks to Deadly and Bandit. "I see you guys are both in one piece." The guy laughs. Deadly recognizes him. it is Ace. Two other guys are walking next to him.

"Ace, nice to see you too buddy." says Bandit. "Who are those muppets next to you." 

"These muppets. I'll introduce them." Ace responds. "Bandit, Deadly. This is Travis Blackburn, callsign Felix, and Paul Campbell, callsign Spartan." Ace points to them. "They are new in our squad." 

"Nice to meet you." says Spartan. He pulls out his hand towards Bandit. Bandit shakes it. Felix is just standing there. He doesn't say a word. Deadly is watching to Felix as Spartan tries to shake handss with Deadly. A briefly handshake is everything that Deadly gives to Spartan. Not even a look in his eyes. He seems to know Felix from something.

"Wait a second." says Deadly. he stands up walks to Felix. "I know you right. From the psychologist over there." Felix looks up. He looks Deadly right in the face. "I gave you your callsign, isn't it." 

"Yeah, I know you too. The psychologist indeed" Felix points to Deadly. A short silence between the conversation makes a bit painfull. The only sound is that from the other soldiers who doesn't participate in the conversation. 

"Psychologist?" Spartan sounds a bit rude, because he laughs while he is saying that. He looks to Ace and Bandit. As he sees that nobody else laughs, he uses a pokerface. "I mean... What happened?"

"The reason why we're still here.'  says Deadly. Now he looks Spartan in the face. "Because some people thought fight outside the warzone is the solution to their problems." 

"That's why you two went to that psychologist." says Spartan. 

"You know what happened." says Ace. "But they weren't the only two there." Ace faces Spartan.

"Sorry, it was a little to rude to ask that." Spartan apologizes himself. "So Deadly, everthing is cool again bro..." He looks at Deadly. He sitting on the chair again, thinking of what happened then.

"Every fucking time, they could do it again." Deadly whispers. "Do it again..."

Chapter 4 - Jihad vs. McWorldEdit

Madrid, Spain                                                                                                                                             11.55, 11 October 2015

"The train is late again, this isn't how I expected my vacation would be." Deadly talks to his phone as he is standing at the subway station of Madrid. It's crowded. "So how is it back at the base, man?"

"You know, as usual. Stopping the bad guys." Ace is talking to his phone to Deadly. He is in Kandahar, sitting on a bench. It's 16.25 in Afghanistan. "The uproar is getting dimmed. I think they see they cannot win." He checks a file. "It's still weird why they attacked us when we were trying to leave Afghanistan. But we're going about a month or 3 to home." The file says that all stationed troops who are still in Afghanistan would leave it on the 1 january 2016.

"You are going home. I'm home." Deadly looks on his watch. It says 11.56 AM. "You know some people are on furlough for a long time." Deadly laughs and Ace laughs with him. Deadly sees a guy with sunglasses and a big hat. He is acting strange thinks Deadly. The man talks to his phone. He walks away. "But that makes me think of what happenned in San Diego. I swear that were Tango's."

"Yeah I know, but keep yourself strong buddy." says Ace to Deadly. "We don't know who this did." He turns off his phone. Deadly also turns off his phone. He sees the train coming.

"Finally..." Deadly sighs. He walks towards the gap. 

A few hours ago in San Diego, USA                                                                                                               8.28, 10 October 2015      

Felix is walking trough the shopping mall. His hands in his pockets. He was homesick and went home. "Maybe I should quit it once and for all. Maybe i'm not made for it." He mumbles. It's crowded and Felix walks into the traffic, so a lot of people are annoyed.

"Excuse me, sir..." A wild man says. "You bumbed into me and my phone felt." he shows his phone. It's broken. The man looks angry. Felix is not feeling well, so it takes some time before he understands what happenned. The man taps Felix' shoulder.

"I'm sorry sir, i didn't mention it." Felix apologizes. 'I'll pay a new one if you l..." Before he ended his sentence his antention goes to a man at the other side of the street. He wears a hoodie, but he holds something under it. the man is talking angrily to him. "Wait a second." Says Felix to the man without looking to him. He sees somekind of a stick. Suddenly he recognizes it. It's a MP7!

"ALLAAAHH!" shouts the man as he starts to fire at the people. Felix doesn't doubt any second and runs towards the man. He sees people falling. He tackles the man. There is a short struggle. The man shoots bullets into the air, but Felix manages to defeat the shooter and pushes him towards the ground.

"Got you now, son of a bit..." before Felix ends his sentence he is shot trice into his chest and falls on the ground. He hears a few shots before he faints.

Back in Madrid, Spain                                                                                                                                 11.57, 11 October 2015

Deadly walks towards the gap. He looks to the train. In a fraction of a second he sees a dead passenger and some criminals with guns. "No..." He says quietly. "People, get the fuck out!" He shouts. In less than a second a bomb explodes. Deadly faints as he is blown away. 

A few minutes later at the base in Afghanistan is Ace watching some television. He swaps some channels as he sees a news flash. It says 'Terror attacks all across Europe'. "Fuck..." whispers Ace. He grabs his phone and tries to call Deadly.

Deadly sees his phone next to him buzzing. he wants to take it, but he can't move. He feels paralyzed. But uses all his power he has to pick up his phone. "I'm... still... one piece..." He faints again.

Later at FOB Kandahar, Afghanistan                                                                                                             13.45, 21 October

"Sir, you know that you aren't allowed to be not supervised." Says a nurse to Deadly. He rides with a wheelchair into the sick-bay. 

"I will be fine, just bring me something to drink." Says Deadly a bit annoyed. "And no diet crap." He turn around and sees a guy laying on his bed. He seems to recover from very bad wounds. Deadly sees he is awake. "Hey man, how you doing." The guy reacts.

"Who are you?" He talks softly and is difficult to hear. Deadly grabs his file and takes a look at it. 

"Your name is travis Blackburn and you are shot trice in the chest?!" Deadly is surprised that he still lives. "You're one though son of a bitch you know that." He taps him.

Blackburn laughs softly. "I don't know that." He seems to be more conscious. "I don't know if i'm good enough for the army. I feel like i'm just a muppet of someone." 

"That isn't true." Says Deadly. "Everybody else would have died, but you came back up. You're made for this man..." He looks again at the files. "Felix..." he says. Blackburn tries to understand that. "You're a lucky person, but this is your sign that you need to be what you are, you're Felix."

"What does that mean?" asks Felix.

"It's latin, it means 'the lucky one'. And you're lucky mate." He smiles to Felix.

"Mister McKnight, here is your drink." The nurse gives Deadly the drink. Deadly's face changes.

"I said i don't want any of this fucking diet crap." As he throws the can out the window. Felix laughs and Deadly is feeling better. 

Chapter 5 - Unintended consequencesEdit

FOB Kandahar, Afghanistan                                                                                                                         17.26, 21 October

Deadly rolls in the room. Ace is sitting on the bench with some other guys. "Yo Dead, how ya doing." Says one.

"Same old, man." Deadly responds. "What are you watching, the news?" He parks himself next to the bench. He grabs a beer from the six pack. 

"You're grabbing my beer man." Says Ace and the rest laughs. "Obama is holding his speech about the attacks." The channel swaps and the preconference is in Los Angeles.

Obama starts his speech: "Citizens of the world, we are confronted with the severity of war. A few weeks ago, on the 10th, the 11th and the 12th of October, terrorists have attacked our society. We are overwhelmed with grief by the deaths of many innocent people. Normal people like most of us are, they haven't harmed anyone. Still the cruelty of some people who are threatening our way of life is a plague for the world. We thought we were able to end our war finally. But that decision was our biggest mistake. Now we can see that this threat is chased until it has dissapeared.  We will extend our war with Afghanistan..."

"What, he can't mean that." A soldier says. "That's insane!"

"Ssst, let's hear the explaination of the president." Ace responds as he turns the volume one.

"Every act of terror will be punished. We can't just stand here and do nothing about it. We start today with our campaign because maybe there is no tommorrow. For all the people who became victim of the terrorists, for justice. Before everyone starts to point at the leader of the organization who planned the attack, we haven't found him yet. But we will do everthing thing to find him. For the sake of the people." A loud applaus is heard from the TV. A soldier throws his can to the TV. The mood is worse.

"How can they do that, we were close to leave this hell finally." The soldier sounds like he is going to cry. Deadly is amazed. Ace is clearly anger and walks out the room.

"People get yourself together." Deadly shouts towards the other soldier who are cursing and throwing with stuff. "Maybe we are wasting our fucking time in this fucking place, but that man is right." The other soldiers stopped with everything they did and are listening. "We can't let those men who did this unpunished. This isn't just a war, this is for everything we believe in. We are going to avenge everyone who died there."

"You're right." Ace walks into the room again. "Maybe this is insane, or useless, but always remember." He sounds confident. "Before complete annihilation, they have to take our courage." The soldiers are talking interchangeable and are agreeing.

"Then it's time..." Says Deadly. "Our time!."

The SEALs shout their battle cry united. "HOOYAH!"

Chapter 6 - Quality TimeEdit

Istanbul, Turkey                                                                                                                                                  14.38, 7 March 2019

Deadly and Ace are walking trough the streets of Istanbul. Ace is talking to Dekko, the military adviser of the team of who is keeping an eye on them from a drone. "Dekko, we're heading for Bonekeeper, anything we need to know?"

"Bonekeeper has the hard drive containing our operations playbook." Dekko responds. "He is at Karatas market." 

"Why is he in Istanbul?" Ace asks. They're walking in a crowded street and Deadly taps Ace and points to the sign down the road. it says Karatas market. 

"He was at a preconference about the war in Afghanistan." Dekko says. "They couldn't decide if it would be helded in Europe or Asia, so they choose the bridge between it, clever isn't it." Dekko laughs. "You are almost there, i'll talk you later."

They're at the front of the house of Bonekeeper. Deadly is watching to the people in the market. "Why are we escorting this guy?" Deadly asks. 

"They want to make things interesting." Ace responds. They both laugh, but it's interrupted as they hear gunfire. "Fuck, what was that?" They don't wait any second and Deadly kicks the door. "Deadly take the room down the hallway, I'll check this one here." Deadly walks towards the room. He listens, no sound. He kicks the door open.

"Found 'em." Deadly says. Bonekeeper is sitting on a chair. He got a gunshot in his chest. "He's dead, I think." Ace walks towards Bonekeeper and checks his pulse. Deadly walks to the window. It's wide open. He looks down the market and he sees a guy who is acting strange. "Wait, I got the thief." He jumps out the window. The thief sees it and runs. Deadly goes after him.

"Fuck, Deadly." Ace shouts. "Keep on him, don't let him escape!" Ace tries to contact Dekko. "Dekko, Bonekeeper is dead, Deadly is after the gunman. Keep an eye on them!" Ace jumps also out the window.

"Copy all, Ace." Dekko responds. "Deadly, you read me? He's running trough the market to Kotacepe."

"Dekko, normal English please." Deadly responds. He running trough all the people in the market. He's is just behind the gunman.

"The highway of Istanbul, west-north-west." Dekko says. "You need to be quick, he got transport waiting for him." Deadly iturns left into an alley. He climbs up the container and then on the roof. He grabs his Glock 17 and fires at the gunman, who is surprised and runs back into the market. "Wait Deadly, don't kill him. Maybe he has valuable intel on the situation." Deadly reacts anger but he goes via the rooftops back to the market.

"Ace, he's running your way." Deadly says. Ace runs to Deadly's location. The gunman spots him and turns left. Ace follows. "Ace, direct him to the rooftops, I'll pursue him to a dead end." Deadly jumps from the building to another building.

"Copy that." Ace says. Ace goes right and cuts the way of the gunman. He jumps via a stall on the roof. "Deadly he's headin your way."

"I see him." Deadly responds. He runs towards the gunman. They go via a ladder to some appartments. It has short curves and the danger of falling is high. "Dekko, where's the fuck is he going to?" The run into a poorer street that looks like it's abonded.

"I think he's going to his ride." Dekko responds. The gunman turns around and shoots at Deadly. Deadly looses his balance and falls on the ground. He isn't hit and the gunman runs away again. "Deadly, everything good, lad?"

"Yeah..." He says. "Ace, where are you? I need help. Can you change his drive way to the market again?"

"Off course." Ace responds. "What's the game plan?" Ace is running to the highway.

"You direct him to the Sençuk street, i'll wait at the end and take him down." Deadly says. He runs towards the shopping street. He climbs on the rooftop to get a good view of the car. "It's a black ford, driving over the speed limit. You see him?"

"Got it, Deadly." Ace says. He walks on the street. The cars stop and are hooting at him. Ace ignores it, because he sees the car. He grabs his Glock and shoots at it to distract him. The car changes direction, but it is driving right to the shopping centre.

"What the..." Deadly is surprised, but he doesn't doubt any second and runs and jumps trough the window, wich is 12 feet above the ground. He lands and rolls. The car drives right trough the wall and is coming right to Deadly, who's sitting on his knees. He grabs his Glock and fires many rounds. The rounds are fired trough the front window but the car doesn't stop and drives right to Deadly. He avoids a crash with a somersault and sees the car driving further.

"Dammit!" Ace shouts. "Dekko you got him in sight? We lost him." Ace runs towards Deadly who's looking at his back.

"The car is too far ahead of you, we can't get to him anymore." Dekko responds. "Should I tell Warlord about it?"

"No Dekko, we will tell it." Ace says. "We failed the mission." Deadly gets up. He doesn't get why he missed the driver, when he was face to face.

Chapter 7 - Homeland SecurityEdit

Los Angeles, USA                                                                                                                                               9.02, 11 April 2019

"Shit, I'm late again." Says Martin Fox, an employer of ArmaDeal. ArmaDeal is a weapon manufracter established in 2015 after the attacks. ArmaDeal is one of the richest company in the world and their weapons are very desired by most of the armies in the world. Fox walks the building in.

"Good morning, mister Fox." Says a lady behind a desk. Fox waves and smiles quick and walks further. He hopes that he won't be reported as late. 

"Ah, mister Fox." A man stands up from his chair. "I'm Donald Hughes from international sales department. I want to talk about your deal with Brazil." A gives a fake smile to Fox. He knows this is not good.

"Uh yes, off course. Follow me." Fox assigns his workplace. They are walking to the desk, when suddenly some masked man with guns enters the building. A woman screams and from the backdoor enter more man. "What the hell!" Fox is confused, like everyone in the building. The man are shouting arabic words. Then a man without armor and a gun enters the building, surrounded by bodyguards.

"People of America..." He talks with a arabic accent. "Stay calm and nothing will happen, for now." He laughs nasty. "يغتصب النساء" He points at a woman, who tries to call 911. A man grabs the woman and pushes him to the man. He starts talking to her. "You're life is nothing worth, you're just a whore of the capitalism." He grabs a gun from the man and shoots her in the brains.

"You son of a bitch." Fox shouts. The leader of the group looks at him, he walks slowly towards him. Fox feels that he is sweating and wishes that he didn't say that. 

"You..." The leader starts. "Shut the fuck up okay. Otherwise you'll end next to your sis', okay? Good boy." He taps Fox' face with the gun. "في سبيل الله"

Few hours later

"So, how is the situation." FBI special agent Steve Blake is walking into the convoy that is parked in front of the ArmaDeal building. Police cars and ambulences are surrounding the building. Snipers are taking cover behind a block. He steps into a truck with some computers and some other agents.

"Blake, good to see you." A man responds. "We haven't got any progression on the situation." He types on the keyboard. A scream of the building appears. It's hazy. "You see, they use jammers, we can't get trough the firewall. But the good news is..." He points at a kind of wave on the screen. "He uses his cellphone." Blake looks at the screen.

"Can we track the signal." Blake asks. 

"No, the jammers block the way." Says Murray. "Maybe as we going in the..."

"Murray..." The radio starts talking. "We need some man of you, can you send some."

"Copy all." Murray says, he turns off the computer. "Blake and Ronson, go check it." Ronson walks out the truck. Blake follows. They walk along the snipers again.

"So, when starts the action." Says Blake. "We don't got much time."

"I don't know." Ronson responds. The walk into the main set. The chief waits there. A lot of other soldiers are also standing there. "Chief, we're here. What's the meaning of this all." He points at the weaponry and armory. 

"The terrorists send us a video message." Says the chief. "They start the countdown." He turns on the screen. A video plays and a man is standing in the middle of it with a hostage. The man starts talking.

"Shame and rethink your sins... You all have to pay for all you have done. He has to pay for the faults of your corrupt government. Give us the man who is called, John Bush. Or else..." He makes a signal with his hand, a slice sign to his throat. The man is executed. "We strike hard... We strike deep... We... Strike now!" The video is turned off. It's rewinded to the beginning.

"The man who's talking is Khaled Al-Sahar." The chief says. "He is a former leader of Hamas, and so are the soldiers with him. He will kill more people soon." 

"So we take him out now." Says Blake. He grabs a M4A1 from the weaponry and the body vest from the armory.

"We will deploy a smoke screen so you can run towards the building." The chief says. "Then we need to be fast and safe as many hostages as possible. We will do this like the book." He points at the blocks. "Take your position." Blake and Ronson walks to the blocks. Murray joins them while Blake is putting on his gas mask. Blake's hand are shaking and he breaths deep.

"Guys, remember..." Says Murray. "We need that cellphone." Blake agrees that he understands and puts his M4 on the block and looks trough his sight to the building.

A few minutes later

They're still waiting for the smokescreen. Blake is looking trough his sight. There are a lot of soldiers. They have to be quick. "Deploying smoke!" A soldiers says. A smokescreen appears. Before Blake's sight is hampered he sees chaos in the building. "Go now!" Blake jumps across the blocks. He sprints towards the walls of the building. He hears enemy gunfire. He sees glass shattering, so he is close. He feels his heart beating in his throat. He reaches the wall, but Ronson is shot down. 

"Hang on!" Blake shouts. He cocks his M4 and shoots to the enemy. Ronson lays motionless on the ground, except his chest that is bouncing up and down. He must do it in a split second. The enemy is still firing and there's no moment to run. Ronson chest stops bouncing and the smoke is fading.

"Blake, stay sharp." Murray says. "On three, we will go in." Murray is counting to three and at three he throws a flashbang. Blake goes into the building and fires his gun, killing two enemies. He and Murray take cover behind a desk. 

"Damnit, there are loads of them." Says Blake. He looks just over the desk and fires at the soldiers. The soldiers are dropped like a liquid. Al-Sahar is still in the room, but he runs up the stairs. Blake misses him while he tries to kill him.

"قتلهم جميعا" Al Sahar shouts. Three other soldiers are following him, but one is shot down. The room is still full of the hostages who are screaming and crying. Blake and Murray slide to another desk and kill some enemies. Murray takes his mirror and holds it next to him. 

"Bad guy on 11 o'clock." Says Murray. Blake nods that he understands it. He turns around and stands up and shoots the man in the head. Some other enemies are killed after that. "All right, team. Secure the hostages. Blake check upstairs." Blake walks up the stairs. There is nobody.

"Clear." Says Blake. He knows that Al-Sahar and his man are somewhere there.

"All right, we will get them later." Murray says. "They can't escape." Murray walks away with the hostages, but Blake opens the door. Murray and the rest doesn't notice that. He walks into a room. It's empty. Meanwhile at the convoy, Murray notices that Blake isn't there. He tries to contact him. "Blake, where are you. I said you must get down here." Blake hears it, but doesn't answer, so Murray is worried. Blake is checking the room, when suddenly he hears some voices from the door.

"ونحن يا سيدي ثمل" A man says. It's not Al-Sahar, but he reacts.

"نحن لن نستسلم لليأس. سوف نحصل عليها والأسلحة" Blake doesn't know what they say. He takes his crowbar and smashes an hole into the door. "اللعنة" Says Al-Sahar. Blake throes his flashbang trough the hole and kicks in the door. Al-Sahar runs trought the hallway. Blake kills the soldier, but he can't reach Al-Sahar. He pursues him. Al-Sahar walks into the control room, a dead end. 

"Stop now, Sahar." Says Blake. Al-Sahar is holding a Glock 23. He is holding his hands up. "Drop the gun, Sahar!" Al-Sahar laughs.

"You don't get it American." Says Al-Sahar. "If I drop it, I'll lose anyway. Let's have a nice talk about this all." Blake sees that Al-Sahar has a bomb taped on his chest. He hears Murray talking.

"Blake, get out of there. That's an order." Blake wants respond but Al-Sahar interrupts him.

"I shouldn't do that if I was you." He says. "If you respond, this bomb will explode." Blake puts his hand down. "You know what is happenned to the world by your government." Blake is sweating. "poverty, war and grief."

"You don't know what you're talking about." Blake responds. "You're just a sad man." 

"You think so..." Al-Sahar laughs cynically. "This is what you deserve. You called calamity to yourself and you hit us whit that. There's no reason I want to be in your capitalist hands..."

"I dare you, Sahat." Blake warns him as he sees what is coming. "It's just a trigger that decide if you live or die." Sahar laughs again.

"I know... Now..." He waits. "You all are already dead, nothing can change that. So pull that damn trigger! Pull that fucking trigger!" Blake is getting dizzy, because Murray and Al-Sahar are talking to him. It feels like his world is falling in pieces. "I know you wouldn't dare it." Al-Sahar face changes to anger. "I'll do it then..." He pushes his gun against his head. "الله" He shouts. In a fraction of a second, Blake make shis decision. He aims a milisecond and fires. The bullet hits Al-Sahar hand that's holding the gun and it pulverizes. The gun falls to the ground. Blake kicks Al-Sahar down and overpowers him.

"Breaching!" A wild voice says. Blake is surprised and lay down on the ground. It's Murray and the rest.

"What the fuck are you doing." Says Murray. He walks towards Blake and Al-Sahar and tries to contact the chief. Blake taps him.

"Don't do that or a bomb will explode." Says Blake. Their watching to Al-Sahar. Blake is shacking. Murray understands it.

"You know you ignored an order." Murray says. Blake nuds. "But good work, maybe it could be ended in a disaster without you." He turns to the other soldiers. "Secure his cellphone. There's some valuable intel on it." He turns back to Blake. He sees that he doesn't feel well. "You're okay, man?"

"Yeah..." Blake responds. "But maybe..." Blake stops talking. Al-Sahar is taken away. They both look at him. Then Murray looks at Blake.

"Maybe what?" Murray doesn't get what Blake tries to say. Blake sighs and says what he wants to say.

"Maybe we are the problem of the world..." 

Chapter 8 - Connecting the dotsEdit

Banila, Philippines                                                                                                                                          03.18, 7 May 2019

The Sea Knights are flying above Banila, a national park in the Philippines. It's raining very hard. Deadly is sitting on a chair. Next to him is Bandit. Normally, Bandit is member of another Task Force, but they're put together for a joint operation. The cellphone has been cracked and the man on the other end of the phonecall was a leader of Abu Sayyaf, a terrorist organization in the Philippines.

"Ready guys!" Bandit shouts. Deadly stands up and checks his gear. "Everybody, we got less than 5 minutes to get in postion. Everybody knows his position." The SEALs confirme. The plan is that they're going to see what the connection is between the attack at the ArmaDeal building and this man in the Philippines. 

"Deadly, you read me?" says Ace via the radio. He is in the other Sea Knight.

"I read you Ace." Deadly responds. 

"You're with me." Says Ace. "Follow me to sniper point Charlie." Deadly agrees. 

"E.T.A. 10 seconds." The pilot says. They're standing in a line. The Sea Knight lands and the soldiers step out. "Operation Dart Frog is a go." Ace winks Deadly. It's silent and only the sounds of the forest is heard. "Move." The soldies split up into four groups. Ace and Deadly are only with each other. They can't talk because the scouts maybe could hear that. After a long walk they're at the cliff.

"All right." Says Ace. "We got eyes on the target building." They grab their snipers, M21 EBR's. "Breezer, you got our six?" Breezer is at the cliff above them. The building is next to a lake.

"I'm in postion, Ace." Says Breezer. 

"Deadly, can you get Blaster squad in your sight?" Bandit and Spartan are down next to the building. "They are going to sabotage the truck." Felix is at the cliff keeping an eye on the cars who approach the building.

"Negative." Deadly responds. "I can't see them." Deadly switches his sight back to the building. 

"Felix. Can you see Blaster squad?" Ace asks. Felix agrees. He sees a convoy approaching the building.

"Convoy approaching the target building." Says Felix. Two man step out the normal car, the rest are soldiers coming from humvees. "People entering the building, Stalker team, you got eyes on them?" 

"We got eyes on target." Ace responds. "Deadly, hold steady." Deadly sees the man stepping inside. Then he recognizes one of the two.

"Ace, the one on the right is that guy from Istanbul." Ace sees it too. "Maybe he got the Hard drive." We can take him out now." Deadly wants to kill him, but Ace refuses.

"Red light, buddy." Says Ace. "Spartan, sabotage the car to prevent any escape." Spartan copies and runs towards the cars. Felix holds him in sight. It's only one chance before everybody knows they're there. Spartan plants the c4 under the first humvee and then the second one. 

"C4 planted." Says Spartan. He runs back into the bush. Bandit is watching the building from very close.

"No guards around the building." Bandit says. "We can engage now." 

"Negative, maybe there comes another important person to the party." Ace responds. "Wait for green light." Deadly is still watching at the gunman from Istanbul. He's talking to the other man. He got a briefcase with him. That must be the hard drive.

"Ace, they are going to crack the hard drive." Deadly says. "We need to engage now." He is nervous, because he thinks that the guy will leave soon.

"I said that we wait for a better moment." Ace responds. Felix still watches the highway to the building. Another convoy arrives. He wants to contact Ace, but he sees some scouts in his back. He can't contact him, otherwise they'll hear him. Ace contacts with Breezer. "Breezer, are you still with me." No response. "Damnit Breezer, you read me." Still no response. "Breezer's gone dark, lads."

"Shit, we need to engage now, Ace!" Bandit says. "We can't wait anymore." Ace refuses to engage. Deadly is more nervous then before. He sees that the gunman is angry and he wants to leave the building. He can't wait any second and fires at the gunman, killing him. 

"Damnit Deadly!" Ace shouts. "Tango down, I repeat tango down!" The situation turns into a chaos. Blaster squad is trapped and there's no sign of Breezer and his team. "Deadly, we rappel down." They grab their ziplines and vice them into the ground. They go down and they see soldiers coming out the building. They land and start firing at the enemies.

"Ace, Deadly." Bandit joins the two. "We surrounded the building there's no way out. We can grab the hard drive." Meanwhile is Felix rappelling down and contacts Ace.

"Ace, another convoy left the battlefield." Says Felix. 

"I knew there was going to be a bigger fish." Ace responds. "We're going to breach now." They walk towards the door and kicks it in. There's nobody, but suddenly a bomb explodes and the left side of the house collapses and Deadly falls out the house into water. He goes under, but manages to swim up. "Deadly, you okay!" Ace shouts.

"I'm fine." Deadly responds while swimming. "I'll meet you at the LZ." Deadly ends up into rapids and the current is strong. He manages to grab a rock and climbs out the water. He is at a kind of town. Meanwhile at the target building, Ace and the rest are in a firefight against the soldiers of Abu Sayyaf.

"RPG!" A soldier shouts. No SEALs are hurt by the shot, but another RPG hits two of them. 

"Spartan detonate the C4." Ace shouts. Spartan detonates it and the cars explode, killing all the terrorists. Ace watches the corpses and feels his head. He has a wound above his left eye, but it doesn't hurt. "Let's check the house." They walk into the building, but no sign of any man. "Where the hell are they!" Says Ace.

"You need to see this." Says Felix. He points at a trapdoor. It lead into a tunnel. "They must have escaped via this."

"Let's find out." Bandit jumps into the trapdoor while he says that. The rest follows him. It's dark and soggy. After a long time whitout Light they see light. The climb out the hole and they're in a ghost town. They walk nto an alley and they sees some terrorists. Ace sees a hill in the distance.

"Dragon 6-4, change the LZ to the hill next to our postion." Says Ace to the pilot. "We'll be there in 10 minutes."

"Ten minutes." A SEAL says. "We'll be dead before the chopper is here."

"Remember that Deadly is somewhere here." Ace responds angry. "And maybe so is Breezer and his team. We can't left them behind. If you want to, you can go now to the LZ, but we are going after Deadly." He throws a rock towards two terrorists. "Kill them." When terrorists are close Ace and Bandit grab them and slice their throat open and drag them into the alley. "Move up." 

"What the hell is this?" Says Deadly. He is in the same ghost town, but the other side. He doesn't notice any terrorists as he walks towards a building. Suddenly a man appears and tries to stab him. Deadly overpowers him and throws him on the ground and stabs him in his throat. "They're here too." He says. Now he is more carefull.

"Where can Deadly be?" Bandit says. They walk through the city towards the hill.

"I don't know." Felix responds. They check every corridor and stay close to the walls.

"Maybe we should look at the river side." Spartan says. "He felt into the water and could end up somewhere here." Ace nuds that that could be true and they're going to the riverside. Meanwhile is Deadly still on his own.

"Where could they be?" He whispers. He walks in front of a temple. He walks up the stairs when a terrorists tackles him. They both fall down and they're struggling. He keeps Deadly in the hold and tries to stab him. Deadly grabs the man's had and tries to stop him but the knife gets closer to his chest. Suddenly, there is a shot and the terrorist falls down. he is shot in the head. Deadly looks up. Ace and the rest are standing on a wall.

"What if we weren't here." Bandit says. Deadly laughs and walks to the wall and jumps on it with the help of Felix and Spartan. 

"Where are the others?" Deadly asks. He only sees Ace, Bandit, Felix, Spartan and Venom.

"The others are at the LZ." Ace responds. "We need to go now." They run towards the hill. They think that nobody saw them, until the terrorists open fire. RPG's are shot towards them and ground flies trough the air. "Dragon 6-4, ready for immidiate dust off!"

"Copy that." Dragon 6-4 responds. They see the Sea Knights. The bullets are fired right to them. A RPG hit Venom who falls down.

"Venom!" Spartan shouts. Felix and Ace grab Venom and Spartan runs to the Sea Knight. Deadly and Bandit fire at the terrorists.

"Go, I'll hold them off." Deadly says while kneeling and firing. Bandit refuses.

"We're doing this together, buddy!" There are to much terrorists and Deadly and Bandit walk slowly back. "RPG!" Bandit shouts as they dug and avoid the RPG. 

"Come on!" Ace shouts. They are on the Sea Knight. Bandit turns around and runs to the Sea Knight, but Deadly waits. The RPG shooter will shoot down the Sea Knight. He locks the RPG shooter and shoots him. Now he turns around and runs to the Sea Knight. It's levitating above the ocean. "Jump for it!" Deadly runs and jumps. HIs grabs the boardwalk but it's wet and he slips away.

"Got you now." Says Bandit as he and Ace grabs him and lift him into the Sea Knight. They look at the hill where dozens of terrorists are lifting their guns. They got away. They're en route to their base to give Venom medical attention. 

An hour later at the base

The Sea Knight lands at nd the soldiers get out. Venom is laying on a stretcher. Deadly and the rest walk into the hallway. A man is waiting on them. "Misters, you are going with me." The man winks them that they have to follow him. They walk into the office of the admiral. He is waiting. "Admiral, they're here." The admiral looks up.

"All right gentleman." He starts talking. "Sit down." They sit down and the admiral looks serious. "I want to talk about the outcome of operation Dart Frog." He grabs his glass with scotch and drinks it.

"We weren't able to get the hard drive, sir." Ace apologizes. "They escaped via a tunnel and we..."

"That's not what i'm talking about." The admiral interrupts him. "You see, I got a video message of the leader of Abu Sayyaf." He turns his computer screen to Ace and the rest. The video starts and the man is standing next to Breezer.

"Americans..." He starts. "You invaded our land, you killed our people and thought you wouldn't suffer from it. We will send a message to the international television, and we claim that they broadcast his death on international television." He points at Breezer. A man with forage cap and a sledgehammer beats Breezer with the sledgehammer. "You will suffer from this..." The video stops. Deadly is perplexed. 

"Pretty picture, isn't it." The admiral says. "If we don't do anything, all of the world will see this. You know how bad that is?" Ace nuds. "We need a quick reaction force to rescue him." He stops and takes another sip from his glass. "You are going to rescue him."

"We won't let you down, admiral." Says Deadly. "And we won't let Breezer down."

Chapter 9 - No man left behind

12 miles of Manilla, Philippines                                                                                                                             05.41, 7 May 2019

"E.T.A. 30 seconds." The pilot says. "Standby." 3 Little Birds are flying above the coast line of the Philippines. Waves hit the shore and it's drizzling outside the Little Bird. Deadly is sitting on the edge of the Little Bird, he is holding a LaRue OBR 7.62.  "Entering enemy perimeter. Standby." In the distance appears a dockyard. The Little Birds turns in front of the dockyard. "Sniper team, you're clear to engage."

"Copy that." Deadly cocks his rifle and fires at a tower, taking out the hostiles. His hands are wet and the gun is slippery. "Move to the next tower." The wind is blowing in his face. He pulls down his cap. 

"Moving." The pilot responds. The Little Bird flies towards the next tower. Deadly and the others fire at the tower, wich collapse after an explosion. "Ready to rapel down?" The team agrees and they rapel down via the rope, so does the other team. They land on the frontyard. It's cold and dark. A few lights light up the place, but it's weak.

"All right guys..." Ace takes the word. "We got less than a quarter to secure Breezer and stop the broadcast. We shut the power down and we go to Breezer's location, are we clear?" Everybody agrees. The move towards the docks. "Split up." Ace devides the team into 2 teams and points into 2 direction. "Deadly, you and your team shut down the power, we'll take care of the bad guys inside." 

"Got it." Deadly responds. Felix and Bandit are with him. The stand in front of a dock. "Bandit, breach it."

"My pleasure." He grabs a sheet charge and the other switch their snipers for SCARs. "Breaching!" The sheet explodes and Felix throws in a flashbang. Gator steps into the building followed by Deadly. 

"Enemy, 12 o'clock high!" Gator shouts. Also his last words because a sniper shoots him trough the head. Deadly takes cover behind a crate. Felix and Bandit also step in. The enemy are standing on a catwalk and some of them rapel down. Bandit throws a flashbang. 

"Deadly, take the shot." Bandit shouts to Deadly, who's doubting. "Now!" Deadly jumps over the box and takes out the guys in front of him. He takes cover again behind a pair of crates. He feels the crate shattering and being riddled.

"Felix, can you get a lock on them." Says Deadly. Felix stands up and fires. The man on the catwalk take cover, a the windows break. In a fraction of a second, Deadly runs towards a ladder. He climbs on the catwalk. He surprises the guys and take out both of them. "Are we clear?" He jumps down on a crate. As he lands, he feels that his leg stings. A piece of metal as big as a pencil sticks in his leg. He pulls it out whitout any sense of pain and throws it on the ground.

"Clear." Felix responds. "We got 1 K.I.A." He points at Gator. Deadly looks at him. Gator's eyes are wide open. Deadly kneels next to him and closes his eyes. His blood sticks on his hand. He takes his dogtag and puts it in his pocket.

"We can't stay here." Says Bandit. He is nervously looking around. "We need to shut it down, now." Deadly stands up again and they move up to the the power room. The light is flashing and there's blood everywhere. Suddenly, a lamp falls down.

"Fuck!" Felix shouts as he jumps out of the lamp's way. The lamp falls in pieces. "We need to be carefull." Says Felix a bit shocked and relieved. 

Meanwhile at the other dock

Ace is walking trough the dock with his team. It's completly empty. "Hustle up, we need to..." Ace is interrupted by a explosion. Hostiles are entering the dock. "Take cover behind the crates." He shouts. A crossfire starts. The dock is devided into 2 halfs and in the middle is nobody. 

"Enemy RPG!" A SEAL shouts. It hits a group of 3 SEALs. The crate are caught on fire. The soldiers are scorching as they're set on fire. The enemy are in panic. Spartan stands up and fires at them. They're dropped very fast. New forces enter the building.

"Ace, we don't have much time before the whole dock is on fire." Says Spartan. The crates are burning down. Some other soldiers have to move position, but are shot down when they do that.

"Just keep firing." Ace responds. He sees that they don't have any grip on the situation. He breaths deeply. They need help and they need it now. Then he remembers something. "Dekko, can you send a support drone to our location." No response for a few seconds. Ace starts to panic. "Dekko, are you there? Dekko!" No response and bullets are flying trought the air and the crates are shattered into tiny pieces and the fire is getting bigger. A lot of soldiers are screaming and there's chaos.

"Copy that." Says Dekko suddenly. "It will be there in 2 minutes, hold on!" The enemies are getting with more and more. They are almost driven into the corner of the dock. The enemies are getting more grip on the situation.

"We need to get out of here!" A SEAL shouts. Ace looks around and he sees a door to the frontyard.

"Go!" They all run towards the door. The bullets are flying in the air. Ace fires his rifle and breaks the glass. They jump out the dock and run to the stock building. They are chased by the enemy forces. They enter the stock building. The enemies surround the building. They block all doors.

"We need a wonder if we want to find Breezer and get out alive." Says Spartan. They are trapped and surrounded. The enemies try to breach the doors.

"Deadly, where are you?!" Ace asks. A soldier next to him is holding a wounded one. he has a big wound in his belly and his face is burned. It's a unpleasant view.

Back at the other team 

They enter the power room. "Ace we're at the power switch." Deadly responds. He points at the power cabinet. "Ready, we shut the power down now." Bandit cuts the wires and the lights fall out. It's dark. 

"Deadly, good effect." Says Ace. "We meet you at Breezer's location. You got 2 minutes." Deadly agrees. He opens a window. They can't see 2 meter in front of them.

"What's our next move?" Bandit asks. He grabs some flashlights out a drawer. He throws them to Felix and Deadly.

"We grab Breezer and get out." Says Deadly. He fasts the flashlight to his SCAR. 

Meanwhile at Ace's location.

All rights let them enter." Ace whispers. The door is breached by the enemies and they walk in with flashlights. "Split up and take them out." They split out. Ace is waiting on the corner. An enemy passes him and Ace grabs his knife and stabs him. He slices the neck open and turns of the guys tracker. So do Spartan and the others. 

"What do we do know?" Spartan whispers. He kicks a body another time. It moves slightly. He must be bleeding out. Spartan spits on him.

"We take the backdoor." Ace responds. He moves towards a basement. "Or are you afraid for the dark?" He laughs softly. They step into the basement. They walk between dusty crates. There is a slow breeze wich makes scary sounds. They see light at the end. "Dekko, we are at the target, can you inform Deadly?"

"Copy that." Dekko responds. They open the hatch and climbs out of it. They stand in a kind of atheneum. it's full of bodies of citizens, all excecuted. A camera is recording. Ace walks to it and replays the video. It shows that some terrorist are shooting the civiliants. Blood is all over the wall.

Meanwhile are Deadly, Bandit and Felix sneaking past the enemies

"Target building up ahead." Says Felix. They move towards a group. "I'll take the left one, you take the others." Felix grabs his knife and stabs an enemy and Bandit and Deadly shoots the other enemies. They hide the bodies in the river.

"Deadly, Ace is at the target." Says Dekko. "Enemy reinforcements are closing in fast. You got a few minutes before the electricity is back on." Deadly copies and the walk to a door. Bandit grabs a new sheet charge and places it on the door. The sheet explodes and Deadly thorws a flashbang. Felix steps in. In a few second, all enemies are down. The hallway is empty, but there's blood all over the walls.

"Ace, where are you?" Deadly asks. They run towards a new door. Bandit grabs his tomahawk and smashes a hole in the door. He unlocks the door via the otherside. This one is also covered with blood, but with dead civilians too.

"We're at the atheneum." Ace responds. "Spartan breach it." Deaadly and the others are walking trough the hallway as they hear a big boom. Ace and the others walk in. They pull down their rifles and saluts. "Good to see you guys." They regroup and share some ammo. Ace and Deadly look to all the bodies.

"It's just nasty." Says Deadly. He shakes his head. "These people are crazy." Ace wants to say something, but dekko interrupts him.

"Team, enemies are aware of your infiltration." Says Dekko. "Get Breezer now." The enemies breach into the building quickly and that creates chaos. The power is turn on again. Some orders are heard from the enemies.

"Dekko, where the hell is he!" Deadly shouts. The run down the hallway. They see some silhouettes in the windows. Deadly feels that his heart is bouncing very quickly.

"Right in front of you." Dekko responds. "3 armed man and 1 unarmed." They lean against the wall. Bandit is placing another sheet on the door. Deadly reloads his gun. 

"Breaching!" Bandit shouts as the door is shattering in tiny pieces. A SEAL throws a flashbang and Deadly goes in, followed by Felix and Ace. The armed man fire their Galils to them. The unarmed runs with a knife towards a man taped on a chair. The man who is taped is Breezer!

"Drop the fucking knife." Deadly shouts. The whole firefight is going in slow-motion for him. The man with the knife doesn't react and tries to stab Breezer. "Drop it!" Now he is very close to Breezer. Deadly fires at him and he falls down, but a knife sticks into Breezer's chest.

"Check Breezer!" Says Ace. He walks to the man with the knife. He recognizes him. "It's the man from the video. Check if he transmitted the broadcast of this all. Spartan walks to the camera. "Come on Breeze." He shakes Breezer, he pulls out the knife and puts his hands on the wound.

"We need a medic." Says Felix. He shakes Breezer. The blood is going trough Ace's hands. Breezer isn't showing any reactions. Felix checks his pulse. "He's dead..."

"The haven't transmissed it." Says Spartan. "They forgot to turn on the..." While Spartan is saying that, Deadly hears a faint sounds. Spartan is interrupted by a explosion. The room collapse and Deadly is covert by rocks and wood. He passes out. Ace, who's awake, tries to contact Dekko.

"What the hell was that Dekko?" Ace sounds irritated. He pushes a rock of his leg.

"You need to get out of there!" Dekko shouts. "Enemy Reaper UAV spotted you." Bandit wakes up Deadly. Bandit digs out Deadly. Deadly's leg hurt and he doesn't know how to stand up.

"We need to move!" Bandit shouts to Deadly, who is instantly awake. The both stand up and run out the building. Deadly feels the adrenaline pumping and his legs feel like they're going to fall off any second.

"You got ideas, Dekko?" Deadly asks. They run on the wharf. Another missle hits the dock next to them. They stumble but they still can run. The pieces of the dock fly along them into the river.

"Your pick up is waiting down the wharf." Dekko responds. They see a Sea Knight. Some SEALs, Spartan and Felix enter the Sea Knight, but Ace, Deadly and Bandit are distracted by another Reaper missle. It hits thewharf, wich breaks into 2 pieces. They can't reach the chopper now. Ace sees a speedboat.

"Go now." Says Ace. "We will meet you down the river. If we wait, the chopper will be shot down by the Reaper." The Sea Knight takes off and Ace and the other 2 board the boat. Deadly takes the handlebar. Bandit and Ace lay down and take cover behind the sides of the boat. They sail to the middle of the river. A lot of fisherboats and houseboats are also on the river.

"Enemy boats, closing in." Says Bandit. The boat sails next to them. Ace his SCAR to the boat and the enemies on it are killed. The Sea Knight of Spartan and Felix is in their sight, but Dekko warns them.

"Enemy Reaper got you in sight!" He shouts. Deadly doesn't doubt any second and steers to the right side into a creek. They sail under a gangway. The Reaper missle hits the gangway and it's set on fire. A massive red light above them illuminate them.

"Holy shit!" Ace shouts. The heat is intense. "Deadly, you're crazy." The turn is short and the speedboat almost keel round. Deadly manages to hold it tight. Another Missle hits the gangway. It's collapsing. The burning pieces fall and its an amazing view, but Deadly can't enjoy it.

"Hang on!" Says Deadly. In a few seconds he leaves the creek, wich is totally wretched and the boat is back on the river. Bandit and Ace fire at the enemies on the boats. It's going really quick and it's impossible to follow everything that happens. A new missle hits a fisherboat and the explosion is close to them.

"Deadly, go left into the rapids." Says Dekko. Deadly is surprised. Because the boat will keel round if they do that.

"Have you lost your mind!" Deadly responds angry. "We'll be killed in a moment." Another Reaper missle hits another boat.

"Do it!" Says Dekko. Deadly steers the boat into the rapids. It goes up and down. Water splashes in and out the boat. They don't keel round and they leave the rapids. "Now enter the Sea Knight." The Sea Knight levitates a centimeter above the river. The boat enters the Sea Knight and the SEALs drag it in. Deadly jumps out the boat and walks on the boardwalk. He fires his SCAR to the enemies on the river while they're taking off. He is completly wet and  takes off his handshoes.

"Mission failed." Says Ace. The boardwalk closes the Sea Knight. 

But the world still doesn't know about this." Says Bandit. "We will see what the admiral wants to say about it." The sun rises. Deadly is staring out the window. The red light is lighting up his face in the dark Sea Knight. He sees the burning area and the feeling of remorse for the civilians is big. Deadly sees a rice plantation wich is burning down.

Back at base

Deadly, Ace and Bandit enter the room of the Admiral. "Did you stop the broadcast." He is shaking his scotch.

"Yes sir, but we lost some man of us." Ace responds. They all look to the ground. 

"Sacrifices has to be made for the greater good." Says the admiral. He takes another sip from his glass But there is some bad news too." He turns around to the window. He waits for a moment. "They have cracked the hard drive." His voice is deep and low.

"So..." Says Bandit. The admiral turns his head back to the 3. He looks angry, but not because the reaction of Bandit.

"The man who escape from operation Dart Frog is identified as Joel Kurundiz, a yemeni terrorist." Says the admiral. He turns his computer to the 3. He shows the dossier of Joel Kurundiz. "He is a leader of the international activist party who calls themself: the Illuminati. They're resposible for many participations in proxy wars and civil wars like the one in syria." He points at the screen.

"So we are going to get him." Says Ace. The admiral confirms. "But what's the connection between him and the hard wire." The admiral looks like he ignores the question.

"An asset of us is taking part of the civil war in Yemen." He opens the dossier of him. "Faraz Al-Khalifa... He took part in the Syrian revolution and also ended it, now is he in Yemen." 

"I heard of him." Says Bandit. Deadly is not saying anything. "So we need to escort him out of there because the Illuminati is going after him?" The admiral nuds.

"We believe that there's a bigger fish in the Illuminati network." Says the admiral. "If we got him and Faraz, we can take him out too."

"Admiral..." Deadly starts his sentence out of nothing. "We know you're turning around the question." The admiral looks him directly in his eyes. "What does that hard drive contain. The admiral doesn't say anything. He stirs his scotch slowly.

"You really want to know, do you?" Says the admiral. "That hard drive is our whole fucking playbook!" He says it very strong, but not hard. "All our assets, all our operations and all our weapons are on that hard drive. They know everything about us." The room is filled with silence. The admiral leans on his desk, but suddenly he grabs his glass of scotch and throws it to the wall.

"No..." Says Ace. "You say that they..." He stops talking, but the admiral completes his sentence.

"Are us one step ahead, everytime." He turns around again. He strokes his hair. "Tomorrow you will strike, don't fail again." He talks slow and isn't showing any emotion. It's completly silent in the room

"We won't sir." Says Deadly. He breaks the silence. "But we need to improvise."

Chapter 10 - Achilles' heelEdit

Sana'a, Yemen                                                                                                                                           14.36, 11 May

Deadly is sitting in a Black Hawk. They are flying next to some mountains. He looks outside to the mountains. They're beautiful to watch, but he isn't there to go and watch the nature. He is nervous because he leads this attack. "E.T.A. 3 minutes." Says the pilot. A massive air fleet levitates above the canyon.

"All right, lock and load." Says Deadly. "We're entering air space of the strongholds of the militia." In the distance are some strongholds. They are on top of some mountains.

"Ready to engage." Says Blackbird 3-1. The JSF flies rapidly along the Black Hawks. He fires rockets at the stronghold. The stronghold is set on fire and collapses. "Good effect on target." He repeats. Some other JSFs destroy the others. The strongholds look like torches from a distance.

"Deadly, 1 mile until we're in Sana'a." Says Bandit. "What's the gameplan?" He holds on an handle. His rifle hangs tightly on his belt. It swings slowly from left to right.

"The JSFs will drop teargas in Sana'a to weaken the militia and the local police." Says Deadly. He grabs a map and points at a road. "We will head towards the citadel to get Faraz and we'll get out."

"All right then, lets roll." Says Bandit and they enter Sana'a. They see some civilians coming out their building, watching the black sky entering their city.

"Get ready to step out." Says the pilot. The Black Hawk lands. They step out the Black Hawk. The rotors are still rotating and dust flies around.

"Deadly, this is Blackbird 3-1." Says Blackbird. "Requesting to drop package."

"Permission granted." Says Deadly. The JSFs fly above the city and some bombs are dropped. They burst open and the teargas comes out. "Gasmasks On!" They put on the gasmasks. The streets are befouled with the yellow gas. Some citizens are trying to escape the gas. They leave everything behind except each other.

"Ground team." Ace contacts them via the radio. "We'll provide overwatch from the chopper."

"Copy that." Says Deadly. They move towards the plaza. "Local militia up ahead." They see the militia. Some of them wear gasmasks, but aren't armored at all.

"Spartan, contact Faraz." Says Deadly while he and the rest take cover behind a blockade of abonded cars. "He needs to stay calm before we're there." They fire their rifles at the militia.

"Copy that." Spartan responds and grabs his radio. While he is contacting Faraz, the militia withdraws. They are weak compared to the SEALs. While some are running away, they are hit in their back.

"They withdraw." A SEAL says. They stand up and reload their rifles.

"All right. We got less than 10 minutes to reach the citadel." Says Deadly. "Spartan, any intel on Faraz' location." They run down the street. No sign of any opposing force.

"He's with the president." Spartan responds. "No sign of Kurundiz." Suddenly a man with a machete appears. He stabs a SEAL. In a split second Bandit shoots him. Bandit checks the man while the rest checks the SEAL.

"He's dead." Says Felix. "Report, we got one KIA." Ace copies. Bandit drags the body into the alleyway. "What do we do with him?" Felix points at the SEAL. Nobody reacts. The teargas is infecting the wound.

"We need to reach the citadel in time." Says Deadly. "So where are we waiting for?" He signs them to move up. They walk between the running civilians. Some of them push the soldiers away, some are lying on the ground and puking. In the distance they see the citadel. The local police heavily guard it.

"Can we trust the police?" Felix asks. They take cover behind some blocks and cars. The police see them and are moving around in panic.

"No, we can't." Says Deadly. He sees that they are picking up some rocket launchers. "Everybody get down!" The rocket it fired. It swings off into a building. The building collapses and some debrises fall next to the SEALs. "Ace, take down the police." Deadly and the rest fire at the police. Dust is flying in his sight, making it hard to spot the enemies.

"Copy that." Says Ace. The chopper fires at the policemen. The cars explode and the policemen fly around. Deadly and the rest take out the ones that are still alive. Felix digs out a soldier who has some debrises on him.

"He needs medical attention." Says Felix. He lifts him on his neck. "Ace, land the chopper now." The chopper lands and the soldier is brought to the chopper. He has a big wound in his face.

"They'll take care of him." Says Ace while he jumps out the chopper. "We need to enter the citadel." He grabs the rifle of the wounded man and cocks it.

"Move up." Says Deadly. They walk towards the citadel. "We'll go via the backdoor, you wait on our sign and then you enter the building, got that?" He points at Spartan and Felix.

"We got that." Spartan responds. They lie down in front of the building and hide between some blocks. Ace, Deadly, Bandit and some others walk trough an alley. They reach a door.

"Planting sheet." Says Bandit while he grabs a sheet and sticks it on the door. They wait a second and Ace pulls the pin out off the flashbang. The sheet explodes and Ace throws in the flashbang. Deadly walks in. He shoots 2 police man, killing them.

"2 EKIA." Says Deadly. They check the room. A SEAL opens a door. There are 2 hallways. "BAndit and me check the left hallway, you take the right hallway." They split up. Deadly reloads his rifle, but hedrops his mag accidentally. "Fuck." He says.

"You're good?" Bandit asks. He aims his rifel down the hallway, but he looks at Deadly who pulls his mag into his rifle angrily.

"Yeah, i'm fine." Says Deadly. He sounds frustated. Suddenly they hear some voices. They look around the corner. They see 2 men standing and 1 man is laying on the ground with a gunshot in his head. The 1 man is laughing, while the other is pissing on him.

"Those bastards." says Bandit. They are dressed the same, they wear police uniforms. "I bet they work with Kurundiz." He grabs his tomahawk and walks softly towards the men. 

"The fuck, Bandit..." Says Deadly. He turns around as well. Bandit slices one man his throat open while Deadly stabs the other in his neck. The blood squirts in his face and drips down on his vest. "Ah, gross." He says while he sweeps off the blood. He grabs his rifle again, which is now also covered with blood.

"It's just blood." Says Bandit. He taps Deadly on his shoulder. "Don't be a pussy." He laughs a bit, but Deadly is not amused. The open a door and enter a room, only there is nobody. They walk to the window. Bandit looks out the window. "Dead, I got him." Says Bandit while pointing out the window.

"What?" Deadly walks next to Bandit. Bandit points at a man. "Wait, that's Faraz." Faraz is standing next to the president of Yemen. It looks like he is complaining. "Ace, we got him." Says Deadly to Ace.

"Hold on, we're coming." Ace responds.

"Hurry up, we don't have much..." Deadly stops talking. A new man enters the room where Faraz is. Deadly recognizes him. "Shit, it's Kurundiz!" He says.

"We can take him out now." Says Bandit while he aims his rifle at Kurundiz.

"No, he may got more police man on his side." Deadly responds. "Like those bastards." He pushes down Bandit's gun. All of the sudden, Kurundiz pulls out his gun and points at Faraz. "Shit!" Shouts Deadly while he and Bandit jump out the window into the room.

"تأخذ بها" Kurundiz shouts. He runs out the room. Deadly and Bandit fire at the police. Deadly pursues kurundiz. Bandit secures Faraz and the president. Ace and the rest enter the room.

"What the hell happenned here?!" Says Ace. Spartan and the rest subdue the wounded police men.

"Kurundiz escaped." Says Bandit. "Deadly pursues him. No time to lose." Bandit breaths deeply and feels his hip. It's hit by a bullet. "Oh fuck."

"Spartan, grab Bandit." Says Ace. "Felix, you're with me." He assigns Felix to follow him. They leave the citadel and steal a police van. Ace grabs the steer and Felix burst open the front window. "Hang on, it's going to be rough." Meanwhile is Deadly pursuing Kurundiz.

"Stop, Kurundiz!" Deadly shouts. Kurundiz doesn't listen. They need him alive so Deadly can't shoot him. He fires his pistol sometimes next to him to warn him. The smokescreen is away and the civilians are collecting their stuff again. Kurundiz and Deadly are running trough the crowd, pushing some civilians. They shout to them, but Deadly only thinks that he must not lose Kurundiz out of the sight.

"Deadly where are you?" Says Ace. He rides on the street, evading some civilians. Deadly looks at the road sign. He almost struggles, but manages to keep running.

"Taiz street, you know where that is?" Deadly says. Kurundiz slows down, Deadly comes closer. He feels tired, but he can't stop down.

"Off course, you now me right." Says Ace. Felix fires is rifle in the air so the civilians are scared away. The steer left into an alleyway. It's tight and the mirrors break against the wall. The van drives into Taiz street. They see Kurundiz and Deadly.

"I can shoot him in the leg." Says Felix. He aims. Kurundiz sees them and jumps on a stall and on the rooftops. "Fuck, he's out of sight." Deadly also jumps via the stall on the rooftops. Kurundiz turns around and fires his machine pistol at Deadly. Deadly loses his balance and falls over. Kurundiz jumps on another rooftop.

"I swear i'm going to rip his face off." Deadly wispers to himself. He stands up and jumps also on the other rooftop. He sees Kurundiz in the distance. He walked into a dead end. "Stop righ there!" Deadly shouts while aiming his pistol.

"غبي الأميركيين" He says. Suddenly a train drives next to the building. Kurundiz jumps right on it. Deadly see that Kurundiz is getting away and jumps also on the train. He almost rolls off the train, but he manages to stay on the train. He runs to Kurundiz, who has problems with his balance. They stand almost next to each other now.

"Come on." Says Deadly. "Give it up." Kurundiz only laughs, and suddenly he drags his knife and tries to stab Deadly. Deadly evades it and punches Kurundiz in his face. He dislocates Kurundiz knee by kicking it. But a tunnel is ahead. They both dive flat on the train. Kurundiz kicks Deadly in his face. Deadly loses balance, and falls of the train. He manages to grab the handle on the side of the train.

"وداعا،" Says Kurundiz. He aims his gun at Deadly's face. In a split second Deadly kicks in the window of the train and jumps in the train. Kurundiz shoots, but misses. In the train are sitting civilians who are scared by the gunshot. Deadly pulls the emergency brake. The train stops. He climbs on the rooftop again. But Kurundiz jumps off the train.

"Not this time..." Says Deadly while he jumps right on Kurundiz. He stabs him in his heel with his knife, making Kurundiz unable to walk. "Got you now." Kurundiz tries to fight back, but it's useless. Ace and Felix drive towards Deadly and Kurundiz. They step out the van.

"Good work man" Says Ace while Felix takes over Kurundiz and pushes him on the van. Deadly sweeps off the sweat on his face.

"It's what I do." Deadly responds. "Take him back to the base." He looks Kurundiz ones again in his face. Kurundiz smiles.

"لا يمكنك ايقافه" Says Kurundiz. Deadly grabs him in his neck.

"Speak English." Says Deadly. He shakes Kurundiz a little, but he can't stop smiling. "What do you say?" He pulls back his hand, but punches him in the belly. Kurundiz sighs and leans forward.

"يوم القيامة قريب." Says Kurundiz a little harder. He looks up and he looks Deadly right in eyes. The sun reflects in his eyes and his face is strong. Deadly walks towards him.

"Get that son of a bitch out of my sight..." Says Deadly softly. Felix takes him into the van and Deadly and Ace also step in.

FOB Kandahar, Afghanistan                                                                                                                         22.52, 11 May

Deadly and Ace walk into the admiral's room. He is sitting on his chair. No glass, which is surprising. "Welcome, gentleman." Says the admiral. "Sit down, please." Ace and Deadly sit down on the chairs.

"What did Kurundiz say?" Ace asks. The admiral turns on the TV-screen. Some camera footage from the catacomb is shown. Kurundiz is sitting in an interrogation room.

"He gave us nothing." The admiral responds. "Except the name of John Bush." He begins typing on his computer.

"The leader of ArmaDeal?" Ace asks. The admiral nuds. He switches the channel on the screen to a map of a city.

"We believe that they want to take him out." Says the admiral.

"Why?" Deadly asks. The admiral opens a drawer and pulls out bottle of scotch. He drinks it right out the bottle. He sweeps some scotch off his face.

"Two days ago..." The admiral starts. "Bush was trying to leave Dubai, but he wasn't able to get out for unknown reasons." He takes another sip from the bottle. "He called us to escort him out of Dubai."

"So that's our next mission?" Says Deadly. He scratches his head.

"Exactly." Says the admiral. "Get your stuff, your plain leaves in an hour." He points at the door. Deadly and Ace stand up and walk to the door. Deadly taps Ace while they leave hte room.

"No time to sleep, eh..." Says Deadly and they both laugh.

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