Wastelands is an alternate history fan fiction, founded by Bence67. It has a point of divergence during the August 1991 Soviet Coup d'etat where instead of the foundation of the Russian Federation, a group of hardline soviets, led by Gennady Yanayev, managed to keep control of the USSR in East Russia while the Russian Federation formed in the European portion of Russia. In 2019, war has erupted between the western world and the USSR, along with Argentina, Iran and North Korea. 

The USSREdit

While the USSR has conquered North-Eastern Kazakhtan and Northern Mongolia, as well as ally with anti-US nations like Iran and Argentina, the US firmly believe that the soviets will be defeated though at a cost. Conflicts all over the world may spread out the US military too much and result in millions of combatants dead.

Graphene TeamEdit

Graphene Team is a US DEVGRU team involved in many of the conflicts in World War III, beginning with the Battle of Anchorage and the Siege of Tehran. It includes team leader Oxide, sniper Lithium and rifleman Ozone.

Prologue - A New WarEdit

The presence of snow was rampant in the Alaskan hills, but they were reasonably calm. However, this calmness was disturbed by the presence of a UH-60 Blackhawk, chopping along the landscape.

Inside the cabin were 4 people of high importance to the government as they were critically important to the liberation of Alaska from USSR Paratroopers, mostly due to the fact that they were spearheading an assault into an oil refinery 36 miles off Anchorage.

A lonely figure sat looking down, a black helmet covering his face. He was dwelling on how this war started in the first place, on how Yanayev almost won the coup in 1991, and how the Federation barely held on to Moscow and Omsk. He remembered how a US sargeant summed it up best, back in his career.

"Son, You see all those news networks talking about the reds and 'ideology'? That's a load of horseshit, the reds don't fight for Marx or some Lenin shit, they hate us, they hate corporations, democracy, 'inequality' and everything else American. More so, they hate Gordachev and the fed for fuckin' off to our ways. This war'll be the mother of all wars, and it won't be easy."

Ozone looked out to his right, seeing the oil refinery in the distance. He then switched to his left, looking at Oxide, his leader. Oxide almost telepathically nodded to him as Operation Lancer began. Chrome team was in position and the arty began shelling just now. It was simple. Get in, kill the reds, hold out until the Bradleys arrive, get out.

Funnily enough, nothing is simple for Graphene team.

The war has begun, may it end soon.

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