The Weapon Fusion Machine can fuse weapons together.


  • You can only fuse weapons of the same class (e.g. An assault rilfe can only be fused with another assault rifle).
  • You cannot fuse a pack-a-punch'd weapon with a weapon that has not been pack-a-punch'd, you can only fuse two normal weapons or two pack-a-punch'd weapons.
  • You cannot pack-a-punch a fused weapon.
  • How it works: When you fuse two weapons together it will look different and its damage will be the first weapons damage plus the second weapons damage. The Magazine Size and Rate of Fire will also be increased in the same manner.


The AUG fused with AK-47.

Damage 140-90 + 40-30 = 180-120

Magazine Size 30 rounds + 30 rounds = 60 rounds

Rate of Fire 937.5 + 750 = 1687.5 (RPM)

Reload Time 2.5 loaded (AK-47), 3.05 unloaded (AUG) (The fastest reload of the two weapons will be used).

The other stats/stuff will be selected from the gun that has the best stats.

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