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Welcome Home is the first mission of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4. The Playable Character is Private First Class Ramirez who returns from Modern Warfare 2.

Welcome Home

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It's Nice to See You


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4


Private First Class James Ramirez


U.S. Army Rangers


Fire Base Pheonix, Afghanistan


25th January 2017



Multiplayer Map



  • Report to Sergeant Foley
  • Demonstrate to New Recruits a Quick Weapons Display
  • Show the recruits how to run The Pit
  • Climb the Tower
  • Keep watch
  • Defend the Base
  • Get on the Minigun



The Camera Zooms out of Dubai and cuts into a News Scene, Headlined, Dubai Hotel Massacre

  • Newscaster - After the the Massacre, Dubai Authorities found the body of Ultranationlist Leader, Vladmir Makarov. Security Footage shown that John Price and Yuri Pretenko famous for resucuing Russian President, Boris Vorkeshky

The Camera then zooms into a Fuel Stop in the Arabian Peninsula

  • Nikolai - Price. Makarov's Right Hand Man has seiged a large area in the Causcaus Mountains.
  • Price - and it's our Job of stopping him. Lets go.

The Camera Zooms out of Nikolais Chopper in the Arabian Peninsula and the Camera changes to Fire Base Pheonix, Afganishtan and Tracks Private First Class Ramirez

  • Foley. This is Staff Sergeant Foley. Commander of Hunter 2-1. We are arriving back in Afganishtan. Out.

Brigidier Marshalls voice is heard

  • Marshall - Good to have you back, Sergeant. We have a new bunch of Recruits coming in. I want your team to train them.
  • Foley - Roger. I'll just get Ramirez to do it.


Ramirez steps off the Jeep

  • Foley - Ramirez, New Recruits are arriving and I want you to give them a quick weapons display.
  • Ramirez - Roger

Ramirez walks over to the shooting range

  • Dunn-Hey Private,heard your hear to show the locals the proper way to pulla a trigger,why don't you go and pick up that M4A1.


  • Fire Base Pheonix returns from the mission S.S.D.D
  • The Pit has been updated with more things such as Dogs and Flashbangs inside the door.
  • In the cutscene. Foley carries on the Ramirez Running Joke
  • Ramirez speaks for the First Time.

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