Who Dares Wins takes place one year before the event of modern warfare 2 in Somalia and Afghanistan. The nuclear detonation in Al-Asads capital and the near miss in Russia has sent the US and UK's security level to it's highest, permanently. A joint team of US navy SEALs, SAS and USMC force recon track down Al-Asad's eldest son to Somalia working with the local militia. The task force is sent to kill or capture his son but on the way discover a plot far larger than expected.

1: It hits the fanEdit

Sgt. David "Red" Redman

08:32, 2/6/2015

Mogadishu, Somalia

"Redman, I have eyes on the target in the technical with the .50 cal."

"Roger that."

David Redman moved his scope to the north where the target lay. Habib Ismala was the only known associate of Imran Al-Asad, Khaled Al-Asads eldest son. Intel suggest the bastard has taken refuge somewhere in Somalia along with a platoon of his dads special forces and a batch of Uranium. A recipe for utter disaster. The us and British goverment made a task force of SEALs, force recon and the SAS to bring Imran Al-Asad down.

The shot would be easy to take if necessary, Mogadishu was just rubble except for a few lucky houses and mosques, and allowed a clear shot to the technical. Ismala was needed alive. He could lead the task force right to

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