Will Howlett
Nickname(s) Trojan 1-2
Rank Vice Admiral (VADM, O-9)
Affiliations U.S. Army, 33rd "Trojans"
Status Alive; Active
Birth 9/09/45
Death N/A
Weapon CAR-15, M16A1, M1911

Major Will Howlett was the XO of the 33rd "Trojans" Infantry Division. He was always on the ground with his troops even though he was a Major. Will was always doing what it would take to get the job done, however, he could not sacrifice men to finish an objective. When asked he always said that he was not disturbed by his men dying, it was knowing that he could have prevented it. Will was always known to care for his troops and had a good humor. He had a close partnership with the leader of the 67th "Reapers" Infiltration Division and in turn they would support each other on many missions. Most notably during The Battle of Rhen Tah Prison Camp. He was usually seen using the CAR-15, along with the M1911 pistol.

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