William Frazier
Vital statistics
Title President of the United States of America
Gender Male
Race African-American
Faction Unites States Government
Status Alive

William Frazier is the President of the United States of America during the Modern Warfare film trilogy. He is briefly mentioned in Modern Warfare, and makes his first appearance in Modern Warfare 2. He is portrayed by Morgan Freeman.

Modern WarfareEdit

Frazier does not physically appear in Modern Warfare, but he is mentioned by Defense Secretary William Cullen several times. Cullen communicates with Frazier by phone several times as well.

Modern Warfare 2Edit

Frazier makes his first appearance on-screen in Modern Warfare 2. His apperance is brief, and Freeman is uncredited for the film. He is first seen being evacuated from the White House as the Russian Invasion is underway, and is later coordinating with Secretary Cullen and NORAD to organize a resistance against the Russians.

He is later encountered by Hunter 2-1 in his bunker as they are advancing towards the White House.

Modern Warfare 3Edit

Frazier has a much bigger role in Modern Warfare 3. Freeman is credited for the film. Frazier is heavily involved in the battles that take place, and at the end of the film, personally clears Task Force 141's name (along with CIA Director Robert Moseley.)

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