Insurgency is a game mode for Call of Duty: World at War. It utilises an odd mix of multiplayer and cooperative gameplay, since the party of players pick their faction, and are pitted against a player-chosen number of bots (using a similar AI to the bots from Black Ops' Combat Training mode) on the other faction.

The players start with only a knife, while their opponents are armed with any weapon of their faction (eg: M1 Garands, Thompsons, ect. for Marine Raiders, Kar98ks, MP40s, ect. for Wehrmacht). The players, however, do start with an airdropped crate near their spawnpoint, as well as on several other points on the map. This crate contains an unlimited supply of FP-45 Liberators and their ammo. Using these, the players should kill their opponents and take their weapons in order to win. Note that these crates will only resupply Liberator ammo.

Both sides may only respawn twice. If the bots are wiped out, the players win. If the players are wiped out, they lose. If any player dies with a looted weapon, it will still be there for the taking, but they will respawn with only their knife, and may be a fair distance from a Liberator crate.

Tips and TricksEdit

  • The Liberator suffers a huge damage penalty at range, and is only a reliable kill within eight metres. Since enemies will have far better weaponry, it is better to catch an enemy from behind when there are few other enemies about. If you can, knife them, though they will likely notice your presence if you get too close.
  • If you fail to kill with the shot, make sure you have a quick egress route, since they will likely kill you if you are not within knifing range. Cover may help, but be aware that they have grenades and may well use them if they cannot directly shoot you.
  • If you can knife, do so. The bots are far less likely to notice your presence if you don't actually fire a shot, since the Liberator is unsuppressed (what did you expect from the worst gun in Call of Duty anyway?).
  • Once you have a real gun, you should use it to kill any nearby enemies and alert your team, since that way your teammates can take their guns without having to risk going up against them with the Liberator. Once you have a fully-armed team, you can fight your foes for real.

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