A technical drawing of the XM143


Call of Duty: 1945

Found In




Magazine Size

35 Rounds

The XM143 is a Sniper Rifle type Wonder Weapon found in the zombies map Lockdown, from Call of Duty: 1945. It comes in the form of a highly powerful sniper rifle that is extremely accurate, with two types of ammunition. When Pack-a-Punched it becomes the XM144 SH01Y H17, and gains some tracking capibility. The XM143s one major problem is that it is a sniper rifle, which is a long range weapon, and Lockdown is mostly Close Quarters fighting.


The XM143 comes with:

  • A 35 round magazine
  • Two types of ammunition, Incindeary Ammo (one shot kill until round 32) and explosive ammo (similiar to the Scavengers ammo albeit less powerful.)
  • 105 Incindeary Rounds
  • 35 Explosive Rounds


  • 40 Round Magazine
  • More Powerful Ammo
  • 150 Incindeary Rounds
  • 80 Explosive Rounds
  • Tracking Ability (One zombie at a time)


  1. Integrated Scope- The XM143 has an integrated 8x scope above the magazine. When Pack-a-Punched can track a zombie and becomes 9x.
  2. Magazine- The XM143 has a 35 round magazine under the integrated scope.
  3. Foregrip- When meeleeing with the XM143 out, the player hits the zombie with the weapons foregrip.

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