The journal has been translated from Russian to English. Note that there are only a few number of pages, with all the other pages ripped out.

DAY 1 - Chernobyl, UkraineEdit

My first day, with my comrade, Vladimir Makarov. So far, this is the third time Zakhaev went on to sell weapons. I also got this journal today, so I could record everything that happened. Anyway, I fell asleep because of a 3-hour trip from our previous location. We went on to the old abandoned Cherynobyl Plant back in Ukraine. They said that the premises were infected with the radiation from the accident, but the dealers and Zakhaev didn't care. During their deal, Makarov told me something memorable "Money can buy anything. Especially power.". Next thing I knew, Zakhaevs arm was blown off but he still lived. Makarov helped Zakhaev to escape, and in return, earning Zakhaevs

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