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Yuri Grigorievich Lebedenko (Юрий Григоревич Лэбэдэнко)


February 3rd, 1981, Saint-Petersburg, Soviet Union



Blood Type



200 pounds


1.92 meters


Captain (Spetsnaz)


Spetsnaz, Task Force 144


AKS-74u, AK-47, Makarov PMM, MP443 Grach, Dragunov SVDK



Yuri "Yura" Lebedenko is a Spetsnaz operative and active member of Task Force 144. Called into action in 2016 to respond to the threat posed by the United Forces in World War IV and later taking part in Operation Witchsmeller. A native from Saint Petersburg in Russia, Yura has devoted his service to Russia and was a vital member of the Russian Special Forces during the Chechen Wars and the 2008 South Ossetia War.


Early Life

Most of his childhood was spent with his father in the wilderness during the last days of the Cold War, either hunting with the custom Mosin-Nagant or learning basic survival skills. His parents were coal miners, who, because of their opposition to the Soviet Regime, were persecuted by the Soviet government.

Military Career

When he reached the age of seventeen he joined the General Staff Academy of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and graduated as a Captain in 2006.

In 2007 he was recruited into the Russian Naval Infantry and fought the Chechen rebels, serving two tours in Chechnya. His CO recommended him for the Spetsnaz and in 2008 he was accepted into the unit. During the South Ossetia War he was condecorated with an Order of Ushakov for outstanding leadership skills. He continued his military career and in October 2013 he was recruited into an elite team of Spetsnaz to kill a high ranking official of the Chechen Rebels in the Caucasus, his mission was unsuccessful and he announced his formal resignation from the Spetsnaz.

During his time in Georgia, he met a Russian Army captain named Dragov. Dragov was an ultranationalist and was known for his cruelty and tactics against Georgian prisoners, Yura befriended him but the relationship did not last long before Dragov was discharged from the military after his violent method became evident.

In 2015 he was contacted by a man calling himself John Dunne-Sawyer, commander of the largest group of elite soldiers, known as 48th Covert Op & Recon Brigade, he accepted and took part in some of the most top secret operations of the war.

In 2019 he was again called to action after the controversial bombing of a medicine factory in Omdurman, Sudan.


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