The zombie killers are a coalation force created by NATO forces and Russia to fight in highly infected cities after the begining of WW3 also known as WWZ.


The Special air Service's Zombie Assualt Squad is one of the first units made specificly to fight the undead horde. The unit was made in the begining out of multiple Lieutenants and Petty Officers. The Zombie Killers use weapons and equiptment that have been modified to take on the undead.

  • Weapons: ZK MP5, ZK Sten,ZK Webley Revolver, AS50,L115A3,ZKL96A1,M249SAW,ZK MK.46,G3,G36Z,Bowie Knife.
  • Gear:ZK High Quality coverall,ZK M88,ZK Tactical Vest,SF10 Gas Mask,Fire retardant Balaclava

Untoten BrigadenEdit

The Untoten Brigaden or Undead Brigade is Germany's force to combat the zombie infection. Made up of multiple border patrol groups the team aims to bring down the infection in eastern Europe. Armed with some of HK's best weapons the group is one unstopable force.

  • Weapons:MP7A2,MP7 Type L,PSG1,DSR-1,DSR-2,G36Z,USP,Zombie Killer M8A4,German Officers Saber,MG32,MG42,STG44,MP40,ZK P08


ищеек or Bloodhound is a Russian special OPs group that because of the Zombie Invasion was converted to a Zombie Killer group. The group is highly unknown so data is limited.

  • Weapons:???
Le groupe français de confinement Biohazard

Le groupe français de confinement Biohazard or The french biohazard containment group was the makeshift task force used to handle bodies of the infected and kill the zombies as well. The group was uncessful and unfortunatly NATO back up did not arrive in time and France surcumbed to the infection.

United States Biohazard Containment

The USBC was a taskforce that had a quite a bit of time to be made due to the infection not spreading to the US until seven days after the Tokyo incident where contact was lost with Tokyo and SDF squads had to move in. The squad was promanant in discovering the location of many of the labs that had created the virus located on the west coast.
  • Weapons M4A1ZK,Browning Hi-power,M9,Barret M107,ZK LIS

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